How to remove spelling and grammar lines in MS Word 2016

There are some Microsoft Word tips and tricks that everyone has adopted and used ever since. One of the most common Word document settings is grammar and check spelling for sure. People are often in a hurry or they think faster than they type, which results in multiple grammar or spelling mistakes. It doesn’t matter if those mistakes appear due to a lack of knowledge of the used language or rather a matter of hastiness. One way or another, this mighty Microsoft Word tip always come in handy, underlining all the words that are not written correctly. The more mistakes you have in a document, the wavier lines you will see under the text. Those lines disappear when you make corrections, but it often happens that some words stay underlined because the language dictionary doesn’t recognize that word or for some other reason the underlined word is incorrect, although it isn’t.

In situations like these, it might feel annoying that your Word document still has underlined words in red and green colors. It can especially seem inconvenient if you want to share that document with someone. Anyway, one day you will need to remove those spelling and grammar (red) lines so your document looks much better visually.

When that situation comes, just follow this easy guide to remove spelling and red lines in MS Word:

  1. Click on the File menu and then on Options
  2. In the Options pop-up window, open Proofing
  3. Untick the Check spelling as you type and Check grammar with spelling

remove spelling mistakes

Additional tip: If you need to use those setting for one document only, instead of unticking the previously mentioned boxes, tick both boxes in Exceptions for section- Hide spelling errors in this document only, Hide grammar errors in this document only.

remove red lines

When you are done with the changing settings, click OK button.


So, next time you work in MS Word, this MS Word tip will prevent you feel annoyed about having green and red lines in your document.

Technology 101: Tech Tips for Real Estate Agents

Being a real estate agent can be quite an interesting but also a challenging job. Your task is to help someone find new home, to help a big family find a new place to live, help a single career girl find a flat in downtown. At the same time, you also need to think of your clients- homeowners who give you trust and the keys to their properties with belief you will find a perfect tenant for their residences.

Whether you are the part of real estate industry for ages or you have just taken a big leap into the world of realtors, you should embrace the possibilities of technology and learn how to be more comfortable with using technology in your everyday workflow.

Relying on technology implies using gadgets such as smartphones, laptops and ipads to fulfill your day-to-day activities. You can bring those gadgets with you and carry out all the tasks wherever you go. It is safe to say that being a real estate agent is a remote job, you always need to be on-the-go and that is the reason why you shouldn’t wait any longer and learn at least some basic tech tips and tricks.

tech tips for real estate agents

Must Know Productivity Tips


The first lesson of this technology 101 course is to learn how to be more productive by using different tools to complete recurring tasks. When you work with more than one client, you need to keep track of all your prospects and mastering Excel is the first thing you should do. There are tons of resources for learning Excel that can show you how to analyze your prospects efficiently.

When you work as a real estate agent, you obviously need to present your clients’ properties online. There are a lot of well-known websites for people who are on the lookout for a new house to buy or an apartment to rent, and you need to get familiar with posting images on those websites. They usually have quite intuitive interface and submitting properties on them is a piece of cake, but in case you are having troubles uploading images on such websites, you should be familiar with other ways of uploading images. There are a lot of image hosting websites such as Flickr and Imgur which keep your images for free and get you a shareable link you can distribute to your clients and coworkers.

When you work out of the office you should be aware that you cannot keep all the information in your head. Taking notes is a must-do thing and chances are you probably have been doing it in a traditional manner. If you are tired of losing papers and sticky notes, consider using note-taking apps that can help you organize your notes, manage bookmarks, even set up reminders. All these tools are very straightforward, they help you keep your thoughts and they prevent you from forgetting them.

One more thing that you probably need to do quite often is to show properties to the clients. Finding an address of the property can be done in a traditional way by asking around the neighbourhood or looking on a map. This is another task for which you can use technology. Google maps are one of those elementary tech tips you should know about. You can view the property location, get directions and estimated time of getting there.

When you close the deal and sell a property, or rent it, it’s time for finance management. Sometimes you need to prepare an invoice, or you just want to keep track of your transactions. There are various finance apps that can help you with different finance tasks such as: organizing your budget, making financial reports, then calculating tax and mortgage.


How to Use Technology to Enhance Relationship with Your Clients?


Keeping clients is equally important as finding new clients. Maybe even more important. One way or another, you need to nurture the relationship with your clients all the time. Technology can also help you with that. First of all- email communication. When you think of email communication, you are probably thinking of writing an email and clicking the Send button, but there is much more. You should master advanced Gmail tips and show your clients how professional you are. For example, you can schedule emails to be sent later, whenever you estimate that is the most convenient time, you can arrange emails by folders, mark emails as tasks or even communicate with your clients without internet connection.

As a real estate agent, you probably know a lot of people and your phone is full of contacts. Imagine your phone dies one day and you don’t have a backup of your contacts? All that work you did is lost and it will take time to retrieve all these contacts. That’s another reason to turn to technology for help and use some of those apps and tools for contact storing. Speaking of contacts, it may happen quite often that you meet new people, possible clients or business partners and they give you their business cards. If you meet so many people, sooner or later your wallet will be full of business cards. Use business card apps instead and scan all those contacts.

When you get a client your first task is to post the property online and make sure it reaches potential tenants or home buyers. If you are working with an old client, he already trusts you but what if you have just got a new client? He may be a bit suspicious and he will want to see on what websites did you post his property? There is an interesting way Google can help you with that. It’s called Let me Google that for you and it’s a perfect way to astonish your new client by showing him where on Google he can find his property.

With closing the deal one more task shows up on your plate- document signing. Next time when you need to sign a document, you don’t have to be at your office, you can sign the documents wherever you are. Whether you have a smartphone, a laptop or an iPad, you can choose one of multiple document signing tools and sign your documents electronically. In addition to that, you should learn some document managing tips such as making secure documents in a PDF format, converting a PDF to Excel, Word and other editable formats, and other PDF tips. By adopting all these skills you will get rid of paper documents and your office will be environmentally friendlier.


Tech Tips for Making Property Presentation


When you have so many properties to propose, so many houses to sell or rent, maybe the most important factor of your success is the way how you present that property. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to make attractive photos of your clients’ properties and there are a lot of camera apps for taking high quality pictures.

Apart from photos, you should consider making video presentations of your properties. Most people prefer videos to photos and maybe your clients would like to see more vivid presentations. So, one more technology trick you should be familiar with is to make video tours of your properties and to upload them on Youtube. For shooting a video tour you only need one of those gadgets, an Ipad or a smartphone with decent camera. Once you record the video apply the following tip: upload a video. It is very easy to accomplish and very convenient given that you will be able to show a video tour of your property  to your client in a single click.

Making property presentations doesn’t just involve taking photos of that property and shooting videos, it can also include making an actual presentation in PowerPoint. Sometimes, you will need to add some more info to your presentation. When a potential buyer or tenant sees a video or a photo of the property you are pitching, he would probably want to see some basic info about the property. You can use PowerPoint to include text into your presentation. If you have already mastered the basics of Excel you will find PowerPoint much easier. Again, if you want to put your presentation online, you can upload it on Slideshare and use the link to easily pass out your masterpiece.


How Technology Can Help You To Better Communicate With Your Coworkers


Getting along with your coworkers can be very challenging, especially if you work in a big team and you are often apart, scattered across the town. Your phone then is your best friend and the only way to reach out to your colleagues. However, making phone calls is not efficient enough if you need to discuss with your colleague on a specific topic which involves taking a look at the documents, presentations. That’s why it can be very convenient to embrace this technology solution for better team collaboration- to use one of numerous collaboration tools that will enable you to work together with your colleagues. Most of these tools have a wide range of features such as brainstorming, commenting, file sharing, project managing etc.

Besides these tools for team collaboration, you should also use technology to arrange online meetings. It may often happen that not all members of your team are in the office and you need them to be all present at the meeting. In that case, you should definitely use Skype or other web conferencing tools. Most of them even record the meetings which can be useful for future reference.

With so many team members and clients, there are probably a lot of documents stored on your computers, laptops and other gadgets. The problem arises when you don’t have more storage on your device or you want to access the documents stored on your office laptop from a mobile device. Luckily, a new segment of technology, cloud technology, can assist you on that front too. Start using cloud storage tools and you will be able to access your documents wherever you are. Not to mention that your coworkers will have an access to all those files which will make your internal collaboration go smoothly.


How to Promote Your Business with Technology


No matter if you have an established real estate agency, or you have just started working as a real estate agent- promoting your business is always welcome. As there are various traditional ways to promote your business offline, there are also even more ways to do that online. When something is done online, it involves technology for sure. The best way to promote your business is via social media. There are multiple social media outlets but Facebook and Twitter are probably the most appropriate outlets for real estate industry. You don’t have to be a social media marketer to promote your business online. Of course, if you want a thorough promotion you should hire professionals. But if you are on a low budget, there are some basic tricks that you can adopt quickly. You can learn to make ads on Facebook, you can use Buffer, Hootsuite or other tools for scheduling posts in advance.

If you have a client or reader base you should consider making enewsletters for your existing and potential clients. All those property presentations you’ve made can be used again in your newsletters in case they are still listed. There are a lot of newsletter tools that can help you create and distribute fresh offers to your clients.

There is one more factor that is very important for promoting a business, and that is to stay on top of all things. To do so, you need to be informed about all real estate trends that arise every day and naturally, technology can help you with that. There are tons of news reading apps that make sure you get all the latest updates on the chosen topic. It’s not rocket science to learn to use them, you just need to download one of these apps and the rest will show itself.


When you adopt all or some of these tech tips, you will notice progress and easiness of carrying out all the work. Even if you are not a tech enthusiast, you will find these tricks quite handy. But don’t forget- there are some things that technology cannot help you with- integrity, trust and success.






How to Insert PDF Into Excel

If your business or private life implies dealing with electronic documents on a daily basis, you must be familiar with PDF documents. Since 1993 when the Portable Document Format was initially released, it conquered people around the globe and became an essential part of their lives. As most people know, PDF is an unchangeable document that keeps your data intact. Not only does it preserve your work but it also prevents it from getting lost or altered when delivered to other users.

Yet, like all other things in the world, it’s not perfect – it has a flaw. If you ever needed to edit the content locked in PDF, you’d most likely have to use PDF conversion tools that transform files from one format to another. If you are dealing with electronic documents, you probably know this and maybe already use some of the PDF converters. However, there is one thing that you may not know or that didn’t occur to you before, and that is – to insert your PDF into MS Office document.

Insert PDF Into Excel: The Purpose

You may wonder why and when this kind of PDF tip will ever be of use to you, but the thing is – it will, for sure. The following are some of the situations where it might help to insert PDF into Excel, Word or any other editable MS Office format.

  1. You need to prepare a report which includes a lot of numbers and briefly explained data. Wouldn’t it be useful to attach additional information and comments that further explain that document?
  2. You are writing a research paper or any other lengthy piece of work. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all sources you need for the assignment in the same document? In that case, you won’t need to minimize the document and look elsewhere.
  3. You are making a data analysis Excel document or short presentation of your work. It would be convenient to add the whole work for further reference in the same document.

So, the next time you find yourself in some of these or similar situations, don’t forget to check out this short user guide on how to insert PDF into Excel:

Insert PDF Into Excel: The User Guide

Step one: Open the file you are working with. In this example we’re using an Excel file but the same goes for all other MS Office file formats.

Step two: Click on the Insert menu on the left top part of the document, next to the Home menu.

Step three: Select the Object button from the Text tab as shown in the image below.

insert pdf into excel

Step four: The window will pop up asking you to choose the object you want to add. To insert PDF into Excel, choose Adobe Acrobat Document from Create New tab.

Step four: Select the PDF from your files and the first page of that document will appear in your Excel file.

Additional tip: If you don’t want the content of your PDF document to be completely visible in Excel, you can tick the Display as icon box and only the PDF icon will be appear in Excel. If you want to use some different graphics from the regular one that represents PDF, you can click on the Change Icon button and browse for a new look of your PDF document icon.

Note that some technical problems might occur in this process – for example, if you insert too many PDFs into Excel spreadsheet, your document may work more slowly. Likewise, if you insert a large PDF document into Excel, Excel can get stuck, but that doesn’t happen with simple PDF files.

How to Create an Excel Timeline for Your Next Project

Being a project manager involves a lot of multitasking and responsibility. To stay on the right track and make sure the project flow goes smoothly, project managers rely on technology, not just on pen and paper. Taking notes, creating alerts and reminders are just some of the things that most project managers deal with using technology. In addition to that, creating project timelines gives them an even clearer picture of the project’s progress. While a timeline can be of much use when it comes to better organization, with all their daily activities and extraordinary tasks that come up, project managers don’t have so much time to spare on technicalities (e.g. learning how to create a timeline). For example, as a project manager, you are probably skilled with MS Excel, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have time to learn all these Excel tips and tricks by yourself. For that reason, it can be less time consuming to consult some of these straightforward Excel tutorials that give you clear instructions on making a perfect Excel timeline for your next project.

To create such an Excel timeline, just keep reading and follow these steps.


How to Start Creating an Excel Timeline?


Run Excel and click on the SmartArt from the Insert tab.


excel smartart


The SmartArt graphic window will show up where you can choose the type of Process. There are many types of processes you can choose from, such as Continuous Arrow Process, Staggered Process, Circle Arrow Process, Basic Bending Process, Converging Arrows etc.  In this example, we’ll choose the Basic Process.

smartart tools


Once you select the process, click OK. A timeline graph will appear in the spreadsheet and you will be able to enter the text and to change the size of the text box.


make excel timeline


If you want to add more boxes (shapes), you can easily do that by clicking on the existing timeline exactly on the spot where you want to add an additional shape. Then click on the Add shape before or Add shape after in the SmartArt Tools Menu, the Design tab.  You can also move entries if you click on an entry and then drag it from one place to another.


edit excel timeline


Change the Look of Selected Shapes Only


Click on the Format tab which is next to the Design tab in SmartArt Tools.  First select the shape you want to change and then click on the Shape Style you want to apply. In addition to that, you can change the color of the shape fill and outline. Furthermore, you can add special effects to the selected shape.

excel tips


If you want to change the angle of a specific page, in the same Format menu, at the right side, you can click on the Rotate button. There are options to rotate right or left, to flip vertical or horizontal.


Improve the Whole Excel Timeline Layout


If you don’t like the default layout of your Excel timeline, you can change the whole layout. By applying these settings, your timeline will be turned from basic to more complex or visually appealing. In the example below, the alternative flow layout is shown.


excel timelines


After you have finally chosen the look of your timeline, you can tweak it even further and make it more visually attractive. For instance, you can change the color of the whole Excel timeline. Next to Create Graphic and Layout tabs in the Design SmartArt Tool, you can find the tab for changing colors.


change color in excel


In the image above, you can see a new version of the same timeline, turned from blue to orange. Next to Change Colors button, there is an additional set of options, a wide range of styles you can apply to your timeline.


Change The Format of Your Text


Apart from Design menu in SmartArt Tools, there is also a Format menu which gives a totally new look to your text, the actual content of your timeline. In the middle tab WordArt Styles you can find all you need to change the look of your text. For instance, you can change the color of the text fill or the text outline. What is more, you can add special effects to your text, like shadow, glow, 3-d rotation, reflection etc.


excel text effects


So, How Does It Seem?


Whether you are very skilled at Excel, or you just know the basics of it, by following these easy steps you will be able to make an Excel timeline tailored for your needs. Why download Excel timeline templates like everyone else, when you can be original and create your own piece of spreadsheet art? At the end of the day, you are a project manager and you are expected to show off your best skills.


PDF Converter Wins Collaboration Software Awards From FinancesOnline

We have some very good news to share with our users. FinancesOnline, a popular SaaS directory and B2B software review platform recently featured our online service for PDF to Excel conversion. The team of experts behind the review also decided to distinguish us with two prestigious industry awards.

convert pdf to excel

Just recently, we were informed that a group of SaaS and B2B experts gathered to evaluate PDF Converter’s performance, and decided our product delivered user experience worth their official recognition. Based on their observations, PDF Converter won the 2016 Great User Experience Award, and was also distinguished with the Budget Friendly Award for providing outstanding service and out-of-the-box user experience for free. Both awards were merited in FinancesOnline top collaboration software category.

Experts took into consideration the fact that PDF Converter Online is a free tool, which nevertheless makes important PDF to Excel conversions much simpler, accurate, and more reliable. According to the review team, users appreciate the fact that conversion is smooth, and requires nothing more but their email addresses to which converted documents are sent. To make things even better, our platform can be accessed directly in a web browser, and users love the fact that we don’t expect them to download or install any software. In the eyes of FinancesOnline experts, that was an imperative and critical factor to declare us suitable for their quality awards. In addition to that, one of popular software review websites have reviewed our PDF Converter as well.

We are proud to be the developers of such a helpful and well-known service, which has now been recognized by even more reputable experts. As a sign of gratitude, we will continue doing good work on providing our users with easy conversion tools, and help them accomplish their goals in an even simpler way.


Must-Have Tools for Retail Managers

tools for retail managers


Being a retail manager is a stressful job, because supervising retail outlets includes a wide range of responsibilities that require having various skills. While you are taking care of the staff and their performance, you are managing the financial records and budgets at the same time, you are overseeing stock prices, but you are also taking care of your customers.

If you are a retail manager, you probably have a set of professionals skills required for that job, but no matter how organized and experienced you are, you may probably find your day-to-day activities pretty demanding and time consuming.

With technology becoming a part of every aspect of your life and work, you shouldn’t think twice before you embrace it and see how technology can help you with retail management.

So here are the tools that can help you out in everyday retail management:

ShiftPlanning is a cloud-based workforce management tool that makes shift scheduling hassle-free and keeps track of your employees’ attendance. It prevents you from having uncovered shifts and gives your employees an option to collaborate among themselves and change shifts according to their needs.

Skype is a well-known tool for business and personal communication. It definitely deserves to be a part of your recruitment toolbox because it saves you time and money- you can organize remote interviews and finish your recruitment with ease.

No matter how authoritative you might be, your employees can sometimes get too comfortable and it won’t be possible to supervise them all around the store. That’s why you need a tool that can track the work of your employees. There are a lot of employee tracking tools on the market, and one of them is TrackSmart which helps you keep track of “no-show’’ employees or those who are always late.

Another tool that works in the cloud and it is widely regarded in retail industry- Vend. Vend is designed for all kind of retailers, and it makes your stock management and reporting easier. It can be easily integrated with the leading ecommerce platforms and share the inventory and sales data in real time.

PDF Converter Elite is a tool you need for managing your paperwork such as quality reports, discount sheets, item stock lists, wholesaleorder forms, inventory lists etc. As most of those documents are sent and saved in PDF, the problem arises when you need to add more data in your document. So next time you want to edit your quality report in PDF, try converting it to editable MS Office formats.

RetailNext is a tool for all retail managers who are ambitious and care about the latest trends. It gives insight into every aspect of retail business and helps you have better retail experience.

MS Word Tips of All Time

Every then and now a new MS Office version comes up and it is usually followed by some totally refurbished features. As promising as it seems to have a new set of text editing options, it can be very time-consuming to get accustomed to new MS Word options because it implies learning totally new MS word tips. And with every new feature showing up, you may forget some features from the old versions of Microsoft Word. On top of that, a new MS Word version can have different user interface and you may easily get confused about how to use a certain option.Although you cannot use all features from all the different versions, some of them are actually available in all MS Word versions.

So here are some of the MS Word tips you can always rely on:


Customize the Quick Access Toolbar

ms word toolbar

This is one the evergreen MS Word tips used for saving toolbar settings, so next time you reinstall Windows, you don’t need to waste time and set up your preferred Toolbar options again. Just click on the File menu and then on the Options button. On the left side of that pop-up window you will see the Quick Access Toolbar. You can choose commands from the left side and add them in your customized toolbar panel on the right side, by clicking on the Add button. What’s more, you can save those settings as default setting for all documents, or only for a specific document. Finally, just click on the Export button to save your settings somewhere safe.


Set up Page Numbering


When dealing with multi-page documents, you might need to set up different page numbering than the one that is used by default. You may want to skip the page number on the introduction page, or you may have different chapters that will be numbered separately. In such cases, you will need this Word tip.

ms word tips

To open this Page Setup window as shown in the image above, you need to click on the Page Layout tab and then on the very small “arrow” button in the right bottom corner of the Page Setup section. Once you have this window opened, you just need to click on the Layout tab and tick the box Different first page in the Headers and Footers section.


Set up Preferred Paste Options


You may already know how frustrating it can be to copy paste some content in your working document, especially if it doesn’t fit the font and formatting settings you have already chosen. For that reason, setting up paste options can be a useful MS Word trick to know.

Go to File menu, and when you click the Option button, you will see Advanced options section. There you will find the Copy, Cut and Paste section you need. To adjust your settings according to your need, first untick the box Show Paste Options button when the content is pasted. Then choose how you will paste your content from the four drop down menus above.

ms word help

Format the Paragraph with the Hanging Indent


Chances are you have never used this option before. It makes your paragraph look different because the first line of the paragraph is not dented but all the other lines are. To make your paragraph look like that, first you need to select the paragraph you want these settings to apply to and then to click on the “arrow” button at the right bottom of the Paragraph section, in the Home menu. The Paragraph window will pop up as shown in the image below.

ms word tutorial

In the left tab of the window, Indents and Spacing, you will find a Special drop down menu where you can choose the Hanging option. Now set up the measures in the Left menu, how many inches your paragraph will dent and finally click OK.


Adjust Headings Font Spacing

When writing a headline, you may find it frustrating if your headline is too long and cannot fit into one line. To make sure your headline doesn’t carry on into the second line, you can condense spacing and set up the font scale. To do so, select your headline and choose Font options from the right-mouse click menu. The Font window will show up and for this purpose you will need the second tab, Advanced. Now take a look at this image below.

word tricks

In the Character Spacing set up the scale percentage and choose the spacing to be condensed. Once you are done, just click OK.

These are some MS Word tips that are applicable to every MS Office version. While acquiring new MS Word skills, don’t forget to adopt some of these classic ones that will be of use for all time.

Online Tools That Every Millennial Should Have to Manage Their Investments

tools for millennials

Have you already heard of the term millennial? Maybe you haven’t, even though you are a part of it – the generation of those born between 1982 and 2004, in the era of digital. That’s why millennials are often closely related to technology and social media. Technology is a part of every aspect of their lives, both personal and business.

Given the fact that millennials rely on technology so much, they certainly benefit from the fact that over the years numerous tech tools have been created for practically every task you can imagine. Whether you need a tool for teachers, students or for personal finance, you can find a wide range of suitable programs. With so many tools on the market, tools for investment make quite a portion of them.

Millennials interested in stock market also use technology for their money investing activities. So here are some tools that can help millennials in investment monitoring. Continue reading >>

21 Online Tools to Help Teachers Make Lectures More Creative

Being a teacher today is not an easy job. It was almost certain that with the rise of technology some parts of the traditional educational system would change, and they have. In today’s digital world, teachers need to constantly engage their students to attract their attention since they are spending more time on mobile phones, tablets and are generally not interested in classical lectures. It is harder than ever, and teachers need to struggle to keep the students’ attention during lectures, because old methods of teaching are simply not interesting any more.

The reason this is happening is because students nowadays rather spend time using gadgets and software tools than writing and reading in a traditional way, and what is more important, they love the new technologies. Since they can get an answer to any question with a single tap on their phones, listening and paying attention to the same old classes can be exhausting.

As an answer to the students’ needs and wishes, teachers need to adapt to these changes, to find new and interactive ways of teaching that students will find amusing and stimulating. If teachers want to remain memorable and pass on valuable knowledge to their students, they need to modify their lectures to make them engaging and effective. And that can be done easily.

teaching tools

Here we present a list of 21 tools that will help teachers create more interesting lectures.


  1. Animoto: helps teachers easily create amazing video lectures that students will love. It is convenient for the classroom or any other presentation meeting.
  2. Socrative: An Interactive tool that teachers can use to get in touch with their students, prepare educational exercises, track progress or give grades. This tool is also ideal for making polls and quizzes.
  3. Prezi: A very neat presentation tool that helps you create, edit and share your unique and visually stunning presentations. If you are too busy to make presentations, there are multiple Prezi templates you can reuse.
  4. Quizlet: It allows teachers to work in a collaborative classroom, and make interactive games and educational tools that will make the students feel special. It is very simple to use, you can create your own content or you can use one of 125 million study sets.
  5. Go!Animate: is a video creation tool that can help you easily create custom, fun, personal or professional animation videos that will hold your students’ attention. It enables you to create videos in a safe online environment, to limit the video distribution to specific student groups, and to moderate the video before it becomes visible to the group. Continue reading >>

A Special Tax Day Announcement- PDF Converter Elite 4 is Now 20% Off

tax day

The tax season is wrapping up and some of you may have already finished your taxes–and some of you may have yet to even start on them.

Whether you are an accounting professional or a tax preparer, you’re probably buried in bank statements, tax invoices, and tax return papers. We know how daunting it can be to manage your documents, especially if you need to edit a bank statement or a tax form and they’re locked in PDF.

As a way of helping you out, we’re offering a 20% discount on our flagship product, PDF Converter Elite 4! Continue reading >>