How to Create PDF eBooks from Web Pages with PCE3

Surfing the Web nowadays helps you find tons of useful, informative, educational or entertaining content. If you are researching a certain topic, you will undoubtedly find many great and helpful web articles, texts and posts on the subject very quickly. Actually, most times you will find yourself overwhelmed with all this content from various sources and discover that you stumbled on so much material that you can create a regular book from it for reading or studying over a longer span of time.

The good news is that it is actually possible! Here is a tip on how to create a handy PDF eBook from web articles with our premium and professional software for PDF management, PDF Converter Elite 3.

1) Open the article in your preferred web browser and choose to print it. For example, in Google Chrome right click on the page and choose Print from the option menu.

print google chrome

2) Choose PDF Converter Elite 3 from the list of installed printers on your computer and click the Print button.

pce3 printer

3) According to PDF Converter Elite’s default settings, the PDF will be saved in your My Documents folder.

Tip #1: If you are creating an eBook from articles on a certain topic, for example, “Tips for writing effective resumes,” it is worthwhile to create a specific folder and name it after your planned eBook, then save all the PDF articles for the book in that folder. This prep work will definitely simplify and speed up your PDF eBook creation process.


4) Repeat the above steps to create PDF versions of as many web articles, blog posts or useful pages as you want in your book.

5) Once you have collected all the stories for your eBook and converted them into nice-looking PDFs, you may launch PDF Converter Elite.  You can do it via the Start menu, by searching and choosing it from the list of installed programs, or by double-clicking the desktop icon if you created it for gaining quick access to PCE3.

6) All you need to do now to create your topical eBook is to join these PDF documents using PCE3’s editing option – Merge PDF. You can find the step-by-step guide to merging documents with PDF Converter Elite here. Following the steps outlined in the guide will help you create your PDF book in a matter of minutes.

Tip #2: To get a more professional looking PDF eBook, you may want to create a cover page for your eBook. If you are in a race against time or have no design skills whatsoever, you can simply open a new MS Word document, go to Insert menu and select Cover Page.

ms word cover page

Choose among many great-looking predesigned templates, add the title of your eBook and any other applicable information like a subtitle or date, and print to PDF using PDF Converter Elite 3. To make it the title page of the PDF eBook, simply move it to the top in the “Files to be Merged” field when joining the individual documents. Use the Up button to rearrange the order of the files you are joining (check out the image below).

pce3 merge files

If you use PDF Converter Elite for creating, converting and managing your PDFs, take advantage of this useful feature to organize, combine and save useful web content for future reference and studying.

In the case that you still aren’t using PCE 3, but would like to be able to merge your PDFs, why not give it a shot? It is free to download and try for 14 days!