How to Create a Free Travel Journal

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller” – said Ibn Battuta, the 14th century Moroccan traveler and explorer.  Battuta’s adventures and impressions were documented and recorded in the book called Rihla, which means The Journey. Thanks to this manuscript, Battuta’s travel stories are remembered and told even today, seven centuries later.

Traveling enriches people and creates many memorable moments. But memories are often elusive. In order to be remembered, all the great stories and happenings should be recorded as they happen or shortly after. Thanks to the advent of blogging, it is possible not only to create rich and interactive travel journals, but also share them instantly with friends and family.

Here are three great websites that allow you to create travel journals on the go:


1. Travellerspoint


Travellerspoint allows you to create your own, free travel blog so you can show off your trips in style. Trevellerspoint blogs are highly customizable and include some powerful features. Some of the most notable features include your own subdomain, interactive travel mapping, unlimited video and photo uploads, professionally designed blog templates, password protection, and more.

Ardent Facebook and Twitter users will be happy to know that they can automatically publish their diary entries on their Facebook walls, include Twitter streams in their blog, or even post to a blog via Twitter. Blog entries can also be submitted via email or MMS.

Travellerspoint supports 20 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, traditional and simplified Chinese, Hebrew, and so on.

If you are travelling with your friends, you may welcome the option of adding multiple authors to your blog. Educators and teachers who are taking their students on field trips can also make good use of this feature. They can set up an online travel diary and then co-author it with students to keep the parents up-dated, record their adventure or simply help students to memorize some important facts learned on the trip.

An online travel journal is a great way to share you trips with others, but if you want to keep it private, simply protect it with a password so that only you and the people that you share the password with can see it.

And one of the best features for those of us who like to keep hard copies of everything  is that you can create a printable PDF (or HTML version) or your travel journey. Also, along with the most obvious benefits of the PDF format, we can convert PDFs into editable Word documents, stylish publications or even speech, with the help of some other handy tools.


2. TravelPod

travel pod

TravelPod is another great way to journal your travels online and share experiences with the world for free. As a matter of fact, you can create as many public blogs as you like without paying a single dime. Travelpod also includes some great features like no upload limits, speedy uploads, layouts that provide great looking blog entries without much fuss, and more.

Travelpod also provides mobile apps so you can easily update your blog from your iPhone or iPad. Every time you update your online travel diary, you can update your friends and family through Facebook, Twitter or email as well.

You can also turn your blog into a printed book, which makes a great memento or a souvenir.


3. Traveloca

create travel blog

Traveloca also allows you to document your travels and share your trips online. It is pretty simple to use for sharing videos, photos and travel stories with friends, family and other travelers. Traveloca offers a free app for Android and iOS, so you can actually blog from any device.

Outside of these three excellent ones, there are other really great websites that allow you to create free travel journals, such as Off exploring, MyTripJournal, Travel Journal and Bugbitten for Travel.

Travel diaries provide a great way to capture, record, and share your adventures.