How to Spell Check a PDF File

spell check pdfPDFs are, as the name says, portable documents. One of their obvious advantages and reasons for wide use is that they are not easily editable. When you send someone your report, essay, article or any other work you authored, it’s like saying: “Here is the document I want to show you or submit for your review. Open it, read it, send me your feedback or use it for obtaining information, but don’t change it. It’s not meant to be changed.” Basically, PDF is an electronic version of a paper, printed document.

But, documents are not always perfect and they can or should be double-checked and often improved on before they are published or used for various business and educational purposes. One real-life example would be if one of your students sent you a great book report that you would like to share on your class website, so other students and book readers can benefit from it. But, as great as your student’s work is, you need to spell check it at least and correct possible errors without alerting your student or asking them to send you an editable version of the document. So, how do you do that with the PDF document?

The best route to take would be to convert the PDF into an editable Microsoft Word document. This will enable you to spell check the content and edit it further before use.

A great tool for performing this action is the PDFConverter free online PDF to Word conversion tool.

Once you’ve converted the file, you can perform a spell check in Word and make all of the necessary changes to the document.

You now have a fully edited and spell checked version of your original PDF available to you.

Another great thing about PDFConverter’s free online conversion tool is that it allows you to convert a scanned PDF to Word as well. PDFConverter offers OCR (optical character recognition) technology, which is customary for most professional PDF conversion desktop software, but very few free online services offer.

It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking to convert a natively created or scanned PDF into an editable Word file in order to check the document’s spelling and edit the content accordingly.