How to Convert CHM to PDF

Everyone needs help with their favourite application every now and again. When faced with technical problems or looming questions, you would naturally turn to help files for assistance.
Help Files usually come in the form of well-structured, easy-to-follow how-to topics in the CHM format. By clicking on a topic, you are transferred to a document with instructions or tips to help you with a certain task. At the end of each text, there is usually a list of related topics that also open up into other Help Files.

Each Help File is accompanied by an index, a list of contents, and a search engine for finding specific topics.
Like with most digital documents, you may want to save the Help File for future reference or for offline reading later on. Unfortunately, there is no Save option. You can, however, save the information and formatting by converting your Help File into the PDF format. If you have Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro installed, you already have a basic CHM to PDF converter.

To Convert CHM Files to PDF:

  • 1Open the Help File you wish to convert.
  • 2Select Print from the main toolbar.
Print Option Help File
  • 3In the Print Topics dialogue box choose whether you would like to print the selected topic or the selected heading and all subtopics.
Print Topics Options
  • 4In the printing options, choose Adobe PDF as your output device in the General tab.
Adobe PDF Printer
  • 5Select if you would like to print any linked content in the Options tab. Click on Apply.
Print Dialog Options Tab
  • 6Once you select Print, the Save As dialogue box will pop up and you can save your new PDF file.
  • Keep in mind, however, that once converted by using the print tool, the new PDF will not convert active hyperlinks listed in the original file. To preserve hyperlinks, you will need a specialized CHM to PDF converter.
Save PDF File Dialog