How to Convert PDF to HTML

Even though the PDF is great for posting reading documents like manuals on a website, it can sometimes annoy and even deter your viewers. Public or shared computers may not have a PDF viewer installed or downloading a PDF might not agree with a user’s browsing habits.

In order to make material in a PDF more accessible to others, converting your PDF to HTML file may be an alternative to consider.

Doing so eliminates a series of downloadable attachments for users just to access available content. It can make browsing more consistent for your clients, page visitors, and colleagues.

You can convert PDF to HTML free by using Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro. This will allow you to perform quick on-the-fly PDF conversions to HTML.

To Convert PDF to HTML:

  • 1Open the PDF file you wish to convert in Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro.
Acrobat PDF To HTML
  • 2Select Save As Other from the File menu.
  • 3From there, click on HTML Web Page.
Acrobat Save HTML Webpage
  • 4Name your file and select a location to save your conversion.
Save As HTML Dialog
  • 5Before saving your file, adjust any HTML settings you need by clicking on the Settings... button. Click on OK when you are done.
HTML Conversion Settings
  • 6Click on Save to finish the conversion. Once saved, you will be able to view and publish your material in HTML format.

As you can see, PDF documents conserve the clarity of graphics and images for quality output online.

Converting a PDF to HTML file allows you to put together quality web content with a consistent and professional look.