How to Convert PDF to Word

Regardless of how many benefits the PDF format provides for your content, it will always contain one major disadvantage: the inability to let you edit its content.

In this digital age where document creation and editing can be done virtually from anywhere, this can be especially frustrating when all you need is a few minor edits.

When this happens, your natural instinct will be to edit that content in Microsoft Word with its advanced document editing capabilities. To use all the familiar editing tools available in Microsoft Word on your PDF content, you will have to convert your PDF files into Word documents.

Luckily, among other formats such as HTML, TIFF, JPEG or Rich Text, Adobe Acrobat’s conversion capabilities allow you to convert PDFs into Word documents as well.

To Convert your PDF document to Word:

  • 1Open the PDF you wish to convert in Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro.
  • 2Choose Save As Other… from the file menu. Then select Microsoft Word > Word 97-2003 Document.
Acrobat Save Doc
  • 3Open the PDF you wish to convert in Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro.
  • 4To adjust your file settings before conversion, select them from the following options made available by clicking on the Settings… button.
Acrobat Doc Settings
  1. Layout Settings - lets you decide which of the document’s layout to retain.
  2. Comment Settings - preserves PDF comments.
  3. Image Settings - allows conversion to include imagery.
  4. OCR Settings - turn OCR on for scanned documents and specify the language the OCR engine should recognize.
  • 5Click on OK to apply the settings to your file.
  • 6Continue with conversion process by clicking on Save in the Save As dialog.

Converting PDF to Word documents is a common solution that a lot of PDF users turn to. Mind you, this is not the only solution. There are other workarounds that let you convert PDF to Word free online, which is usually the better option if you need to make quick, on-the-spot edits.