How to Extract PDF

Extraction is a process very similar to the copy and paste function used in Word. The process, however, deals with the extraction of full pages. Acrobat 9 Pro’s page extraction feature allows users to reuse full pages from a PDF file and copy them to a new document. This tool allows you to quickly remove PDF page content in bulk.

With this function, you also have the option of either copying the full page or removing it entirely from its original location. Acrobat provides you with familiar options similar to the choice between Copy and Cut when extracting separate images or pieces of text.

To Delete page content in Acrobat 11 Pro:

  • 1Open the PDF file you wish to extract pages from.
  • 2Go to View > Tools > Pages.
  • 3Right-click on your selection. You can then try 3 options:
Acrobat Tools Pages
  • 3In the Tools Pane, select Extract.
Acrobat Extract Pages Option
  • 4In the Extract Pages window, select the range of pages. When extracting one page enter the same number in each field box.
Acrobat Extract Pages Dialog
  • 5You can then select the following options from the Extract Pages window,
  1. Select Delete Pages After Extracting to delete the page from the original PDF.
  2. Select Extract Pages As Separate Files to create a separate PDF for your extracted pages.
  3. Leave both boxes unselected if you wish to keep the original document as well as create a new PDF for your extracted pages.
  • 6Click on OK.
  • 7 The extracted pages are then copied in a new document named Pages From [original name of document].
Extracted Pages File Name