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When you upload a PDF file for conversion, you will soon receive a converted file in your inbox. The converted file will be in .docx format and ready for reuse and editing. Converted files are deleted from our servers after 24 hours, and your email address will never been misused.

What you can convert with Free PDF to Word Converter Online:

  • Research Papers
  • Business Plan
  • Application Form
  • Housing Documents
  • Books
  • Convert Native PDFs
  • Convert Scanned PDFs
  • Convert PDFs of any size
  • And much more...

Convert PDF Files in the Cloud

This is a web-based tool and it works on all platforms and devices. An internet connection is required to upload and convert files. PDF files can be selected from a computer or a mobile device only and not from the cloud.

Conversion is a Matter of Seconds

Convert PDF files quickly with the shortest waiting time. Receive converted .docx files to your mailbox. For the larger files, it may take a bit longer but it works as well.

Additional benefits

Convert bigger PDF files to Word. No limit on the size. Your privacy is guaranteed. Scanned PDF can be converted as well.

How do I convert a PDF to a docx file?

PDF files are known for their ability to preserve data and document layout. They are the most common file types and they are viewable on all platforms. However, it often happens you need to edit a PDF file and to do so you need to convert a PDF to a docx file. Working with .docx files is much easier, they can be manipulated without difficulty. To convert a PDF file, click on the Upload button at the top of this page and select a PDF file. Then, type the email address where you want to receive the conversion result. Finally, click on a link you will receive by email, and download the converted file.

How can I convert a scanned document to Word?

If you need to work with data that is available on a paper document only, you have two solutions. The first one is to manually retype data from a paper document. This can be very time consuming, and chances are you will rewrite some data incorrectly. Another, much quicker way is to scan a document with a scanner. When you scan a document, you will have its digital version saved on your computer. The scanned document will be saved in a PDF format. The trouble with scanned PDF files arises when you want to convert that kind of file to Word. If you use PDF converter that doesn’t have OCR engine, the output file will still be unusable. Our PDF to Word tool has OCR engine so you can convert scanned documents as well. Just upload a PDF file, enter your email address and click Start.

How do you edit a scanned document in Word?

In order to edit a scanned document in Word, you need to convert it first. When you convert a PDF to Word, by following the guide above, you will receive the output file in .docx format. Open the file in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice, and there you will be able to make necessary edits.

Convert PDF to Word with PDF Converter Elite

Doc converter on your desktop

Convert PDF files to Word with a professional version. Take advantage of advanced options and industry leading PDF technology. Convert PDF documents to Word format in three steps. Open a PDF file, from the Convert menu choose PDF to Word conversion. Select the pages and convert to Word document.

Scanned PDF to Word conversion

Best OCR software for PDF conversion to Word. From the Convert menu in the OCR options you can select the option to convert using OCR. When this option is enabled, you can convert scanned files to editable Word document.

Batch PDF to Word conversion

Don’t waste time and convert multiple PDF files at once. Start the Batch conversion from the toolbar or the Convert menu. Add multiple PDF files and with a single click convert all of them. If you need to convert files to one file format, such as Word, this option will save you time.

Convert only a fraction of a PDF

Professional version gives accurate PDF to Word conversion. Select a document area or determine the pages of a document you wish to convert. In the conversion mode, choose to convert text only, frames only or to a standard document.

Combine PDF files

Analyzing data in various documents can be time consuming. Combine PDF files into one, arrange pages according to your needs. Collect all the data in one place and then convert to Word. From the Edit menu access Merge PDF files option and organize your documents before conversion.