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Free PDF Tools

Are you a recent graduate wanting to turn your resume into PDF? An accountant that needs to convert a statement back into Excel? Our free tools are here to help.

Free PDF to Word Conversion Online

Whether you are a student or business professional, you can use this free online PDF to Word Converter to convert your documents into the most popular and editable document format, Microsoft Word.

  • Research Papers
  • Business Plan
  • Application Form
  • Housing Documents
  • Books

Free PDF to Excel Conversion Online

Accountants and analysts, round up: Our PDF to Excel conversion solution will help you convert reports and statements into modifiable Excel tables.

  • Invoices
  • Sales Report
  • Inventory Reports
  • Tax Reports
  • Income Statements

Free PDF to PowerPoint Conversion Online

Do you need to convert a business brochure into a PowerPoint presentation? Use our free tool to extract information from documents into PowerPoint to create your perfect presentation.

  • Business Presentations
  • School Presentations
  • Course Syllabus
  • Handbooks
  • Catalogs

Free PDF Creation Online

PDF is the best format for sharing because it can be viewed on any computer or device. Convert your resume or employee contracts into professionally looking and secure PDF files, with our free PDF Creation tool.

  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Course Syllabus
  • Quotes
  • Dissertation

Free PDF to PNG Conversion Online

If you need to convert PDF to PNG, try our free tool, there are no limits on the conversions and everything is done without email registration. Convert PDF to PNG online on every device! Import PDF files from your computer or the cloud.

  • Flyers
  • Photos
  • Postcards
  • Illustrations
  • Vector graphics

Free PDF to JPG Conversion Online

Convert PDF files to JPG online on every operating system or a mobile device. Turn your PDFs into beatiful photos, illustrations and vector graphics. A totally free and secure PDF to JPG Converter, no email required.

  • Flyers
  • Photos
  • Postcards
  • Illustrations
  • Vector graphics

PDF to Text Converter

Convert native and scanned PDF files to Text. You can convert one PDF at time, native or scanned. Completely free of charge.

PDF to DWG Converter

Turn PDF drawings into editable DWG format. Only PDFs designed with AutoCAD can be converted. Scanned PDF to AutoCAD conversion is not supported.

PDF to HTML Converter

Transform PDF into HTML web page. No limits, convert as many files as you like. You don’t need to sign up, it is free and anonymous.

JPG to Word Converter

Extract text from scanned photo, by turning image to Word document. Top-rated OCR technology. There are no limits on the number of images you convert.

JPG to Text Converter

Convert picture to text and edit it easily. No signup process. Free and secure. Import files from computer, mobile or the cloud.

PDF Compressor

Reduce the size of your PDF file before sending it by email or uploading it on the cloud. Have more space on your computer or a mobile device, by shrinking your PDF document.

PDF Merge

Combine two or more PDF files into one and have all the data in one document. Simply import PDFs from the cloud or upload them. Merge two files into one.

PDF Split

Extract pages from a PDF document with PDF Split online. Drag & drop PDF, type page numbers where you want to split the document and click on the green button. When the PDF is split, download multiple files that contain only the pages you chose.

file conversion

Free PDF Conversion Online

Create PDF and convert from PDF to Excel, Word or Powerpoint online. It's simple as selecting your type of conversion, uploading the file and entering your email address. A link to the converted file will be delivered into your mailbox.

free pdf creator

FreePDF Creator

is a fast and powerful desktop PDF Creation tool. It is free for unlimited use without any time limit. Download, install and create PDFs from virtually any printable Windows format. Some of its key features include, but are not limited to: fast and high quality conversion output, support for Asian fonts, easy and accurate conversion of all Microsoft Office formats such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Unit Converter

Unit Converter is a free online tool for conversion of mass, length, temperatures, volume, pressure, angle, time zones, area and bytes. Quickly convert kilograms to pounds, inches to centimeters, Celsius to Fahrenheit and much more. Check what time it is in Perth or Anchorage. You can even convert cooking conversion units such as tablespoons, cups or teaspoons.