How to Embed PDFs into Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2010

With the arrival of the Microsoft Office 2010, there have been excellent advances in collaboration and the lines between each of the suite’s programs continue to blur, since they can all be used to benefit one another.

The 2010 Office suite is all about giving the user as many options as possible when creating new documents in any of its programs.

One great thing that you can do in not only Word 2010, but also Excel and PowerPoint, is to include a PDF file in your document.

It’s a very simple process as well.

The process is the same in all three programs: Go to the Insert tab, click Object, and then select Adobe Acrobat Document, which should already be selected anyway.


1) Here is what it looks like in Word 2010:


embed pdfs


Once the PDF is placed inside the document, the user will be able to resize it and move it around in order to get it looking just right. Continue reading >>

Convert Kindle to PDF Free

kindle to pdfAmazon’s Kindle is one of the most popular and widely used ebook readers and is a great tool for avid readers and book lovers.

Amazon makes it possible to not only read books on your Kindle, but to easily email and convert your PDFs, Microsoft Word documents (both .docx and .doc formats), rich text documents (.rtf), image files (.gif, .bmp, .jpg, .png) and even structured HTML to the Kindle format.

Furthermore, the third generation of Kindle devices supports the PDF file format, so you can easily transfer or email all your business and personal documents to read them comfortably on your Kindle instead of your PC, without having to convert anything.  This saves time, reduces eyestrain and enables you to read on the go.

But what if you need to convert documents from your Kindle to PDF? If you are regularly transferring documents to Kindle, it is not at all uncommon to “misplace” original documents on your PC or simply delete them. If your boss is expecting that report you wanted to review on your Kindle before submitting it, you may need it converted back to PDF fast.

Luckily, there are free software programs that let you easily and quickly convert Kindle books to PDF.  Once converted, documents and books can be viewed on computers and other devices or printed out.

Here are two free eBook converter desktop applications that can help you to convert Kindle format .azw to PDF and much, much more.

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8 Great Websites to Download Free PDF Travel Guides

best travel guidesAre you preparing to travel this holiday season and discover new places? Do you have a lot of business trips booked for this year? Maybe you are already looking forward to the summer and planning a great warm-weather getaway. No matter where you plan to travel to, being prepared and knowledgeable about the destination is always important. One of the most useful travel accessories is certainly a knowledgeable and thorough travel guide.

Here are some sites that offer not only fantastic, but also completely free, travel guides that you can download in the convenient PDF format and take with you wherever you need or want to go.


1) Arrival Guides

This site offers well over 400 completely free travel guides that will help you find your way around any city like Barcelona, Cairo, Rio de Janeiro or any country as a whole for that matter. Are you planning a romantic getaway to a beautiful island such as Zakynthos or Bali? There’s a free PDF guide for it! And for skiing fans – find guides for some of the most popular ski resorts in Europe. These guides give you great tips for anything you need, whether you are looking to eat in a nice restaurant, go sightseeing, or have a good time at the hottest bars and clubs.


freepdf travel guides

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