How to Convert PDF to Speech

pdf to speechWhen you want to save, archive or send a business document or report, school essay or other work, PDF is the best file format for that. But sometimes when you are too tired to read or simply don’t have the time to sit down behind your computer to review some writing or dive into the latest industry white paper, you wish there was a way to convert text from these PDFs to audio so you can download it to your MP3 player and listen on the go. Thankfully, this wish is far from unrealistic, as a matter of fact, there are tools on the Internet which allow you to turn text into speech. Some are even absolutely free!


1) YakiToMe!

text to speech converter

YAKiToMe! is an online text reader that automatically converts text to speech. It is fully free for all registered users.  Once you register, you can upload your PDF documents and the software will convert the text to speech in an mp3 file format. Simply download it and save it to a local computer.

Beside PDF documents, YAKiToMe! allows its users to turn their Word documents, text files, emails, web-pages, RSS feeds, books and more into mp3s. It supports numerous languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, and many more.  You can also choose between male and female voices.



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5 Simple Tips on How to Print an Excel Spreadsheet

Many users encounter problems or are simply dissatisfied with the printouts of their Excel spreadsheets. Here are 5 simple tips on how to print an excel spreadsheet for printing and improving the print output of Microsoft Excel 2010 documents:


1. Preview spreadsheet before printing

To see how your spreadsheets will actually look when printed, use the Print Preview option. To preview your Excel document, open it first and then click the “File” tab, which is located in the upper left hand corner. On the menu, choose “Print” and you will be shown a preview on the right side of the screen.  This way you will actually see how the hard copy of your spreadsheet will look. In case you don’t like what you see, you can modify the printing settings before printing it out. Using the print preview option reduces the amount of paper you waste!

how to print an excel spreadsheet


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How to Email Large Files with Compression Software

email large filesWhen sending a large document via email, there are some obvious problems right off the bat. The maximum size allowed for attachments depends on the email client. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and others all have different maximum email attachment sizes. What you need to do to send a large file depends on the email client you use.

When working with PDF files, Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations you may have to cut corners with some of the multimedia parts of the file. Finding some smaller and lossless data compression versions of pictures and other multimedia is a great way to get the file smaller. The smaller the initial file, the easier it will be when it comes to cutting up the last compressed file. Reducing the quality of music to low rate MP3 files, using TIFF or lossless JPEG formats for photos and using low quality animations in PowerPoint presentations are great ways to shrink the size of your files. Continue reading >>

20 Essential Online Business Dictionaries

online business dictionariesWhether you are a business student or you are learning about business on the run as a small business owner, you are going to need some resources to help you with understanding the business world. The terminology and jargon of the business world is growing at a rapid pace, but thankfully, there are plenty online dictionaries to help you keep up.

Here are 20 of the best and most essential online business dictionaries for keeping up with the evolution of the language of business.


General Business Dictionaries

1. Business Dictionary

online business dictionaries
Much more than just a business dictionary, this is a full-fledged resource page that will offer you business tips every day and in-depth articles on all things business-related.

2. Library Spot

business glossary
This site links to eight outstanding business dictionaries, including the Washington Post’s online business dictionary and CNN Financial’s glossary of business terms.

3. Your Dictionary

business terms
One of the best looking and sleekest business dictionaries on the internet, Your Dictionary performs fast searches of its large database of business terms and presents the definitions very clearly. The print version of this dictionary is a very popular option for people who are interested in buying a physical copy of a business dictionary.

4. All Business

business glossary
A very complete business glossary that allows you to search multiple dictionaries, including dictionaries for business terms, banking terms, financial terms, accounting terms and much more.


5. Cambridge Business Dictionary

cambridge dictionary
This world famous dictionary has a section for business English, giving you all the business words and their explanations. This disctionary is great if you are not sure when to use what word because it gives examples of how the given word is used in sentences.


Financial Dictionaries

6. Barkley’s Comprehensive Financial Glossary

online business dictionary
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Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for PDF Converter Elite

pdf converter elite shortcutsKeyboard shortcuts are a handy feature to have in any application. As a matter of fact, many computer users choose to interact with different online and desktop applications using the keyboard. That is why we provided a set of shortcuts you can use for creating, converting and editing PDF documents with PDF Converter Elite.

Keyboard shortcuts can be true time-savers if you are aware of them. All shortcuts available for PDF Converter Elite are prominently displayed in the application itself. You can find them next to each command on the six dropdown menus of the Menu bar.

For your convenience, listed below are keyboard shortcuts for the 10 most used options in PDF Converter Elite 3.

pdf converter elite shortcuts

1. Open file

Use Ctrl + O to bring up the Open dialog in a split second and choose the file that you want to open and convert, be it a PDF document, .tiff, .bmp or .jpeg. Continue reading >>