How to Make a PDF Black and White

Most of us usually make visually appealing, color PDFs when creating image and graphic-rich documents.  However, printing color PDFs with lots of charts, graphs, clipart and other imagery can be pretty expensive.  The expense of color printing is the reason why many businesses and individual users may choose to print black and white PDF files. … Read more

How to Create Thank You Cards with Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft makes it easy for users of their Office suite to create all sorts of documents and cards by providing a myriad of pre-designed themed templates. You don’t need any design skills, talent or experience to make beautiful business cards, flyers, invitations or thank you notes for miscellaneous occasions. Creating captivating thank you cards in … Read more

Three Online Tools to Spruce up Your PowerPoint Presentations

Presentations play an important role in different spheres nowadays. Business professionals, freelancers, small businesses and corporations, teachers, students, public speakers, project managers, and many others use presentations on a regular basis. Microsoft PowerPoint is probably the best known and most popular software program for creating and editing slideshows. It is packed with tons of powerful … Read more