Export LinkedIn Profile to PDF Resume

download resumeLinkedIn is the world’s largest network of professionals. It is an increasingly important tool in every job seeker and business professional’s toolbox. Job seeking is one of the most common uses of LinkedIn. But, with over 175 million members worldwide, it is also a place to connect, share knowledge, and network with experts from virtually any field. Savvy business people use LinkedIn to uncover new business opportunities and attract and reach out to potential clients and customers.

Most career and networking experts claim that the stepping stone to LinkedIn success is a well-rounded and complete profile. There are many tips for creating LinkedIn profiles and users spend quite a lot of time and effort filling in all the available information and sprucing up their profiles.

Despite the power of LinkedIn, most active job seekers still need a good printable resume. One of the best and most common ways to create a professional CV or resume is using Microsoft Word or Google Documents. As a matter of fact, Microsoft Word 2010 provides excellent tools for creating winning resumes. Resumes created in MS Word are highly editable, printable, and easily converted to PDF – which is one of the best formats for sending and sharing documents.


Download Resume as PDF


However, if you already have a great LinkedIn profile, you may want to turn it into a printable file instead of creating a resume from scratch. Fortunately, LinkedIn has already figured this out and offers an option for exporting profiles to PDF.

To help you convert your profile into a compelling PDF resume as quickly as possible, you just need to do the following:

1. Login into your Linkedin account

2. Click on the Profile menu Profile Edit Profile →  View button

3. Choose Save to PDF. Linkedin will automatically download resume as PDF and save on your computer.

LinkedIn logo photo credit: kylemac via photopin cc

15 Great Online Financial and Money Management Tools

money managementAs just about every aspect of modern life moves into the online world, so too does financial management. No matter how organized a person is, keeping up with personal and business finances is always a daunting task. Thankfully, there are many brilliant online tools available today that can help with keeping one’s finances in check. Whether you want to keep budgets for your household spending, balance your checkbook with error or figure out the best way to pay off your mortgage debts, there are online tools that can help you with these money management processes.

Here are 10 fantastic money management online tools that can help you sort out just about every aspect of your personal finances.


1) quicken


Quicken is one of the top money management software you can find online. Throughout its history, it has changed the financial lives of millions consumers. From budgeting for your vacation to planning for the family future, Quicken enables you to manage your money smart and safe.


2) Budget Pulse


Budget Pulse is a simple-to-use tool that helps balance your accounts and keep up with your many transactions being made throughout the month. One of the best features of Budget Pulse is that if sends you reminders so that you never miss a payment. Just pencil in your payment deadlines on your calendar ahead of time and never forget to pay a bill again with Budget Pulse.

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How to Instantly Convert Speech to Text Free

convert speech to textHere at PDFConverter.com, we specialize in providing both free and affordable professional document conversions to and from PDF. Thanks to Optical Character Recognition Technology, our PDF Converter Elite 3 also offers the capability to extract text from scanned and image documents and turn the text into usable and editable MS Word documents or Excel spreadsheets. With this technology, we are able to offer pretty powerful tools for manipulating and managing text documents in order to increase productivity and save time.

However, time is scarce these days and people are always on the go. The way we create and use documents is changing. For example, after hours of staring at a computer, tablet or smartphone screen, people often feel eyestrain and prefer listening to their PDFs and other documents rather than reading them. That is why some time ago we blogged about free solutions for converting text to audio.

However convenient this may be, many business people and office administrators who regularly create lots of documents and write numerous business emails and memos probably prefer dictating over typing. But not everyone has the opportunity to dictate their documents and communications to someone else who will write their words down and format accordingly. Thankfully, technology is advancing and trying to accommodate the needs of business professionals and computer users.

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8 Top Tools for Email Management and Better Productivity

email management apps No matter who you are – a business professional, a student, or stay at home mom – you probably use your email a lot. Everyone uses email these days to communicate and share ideas because it has become just as common place as using a phone or sending a package in the mail. Naturally, with all of the emails coming in to your account on a daily basis, you might need to acquire email management skills – especially if you use the same accounts for business and personal matters. And just like you have telemarketers bothering you on the phone, there is the threat of spam emails that can keep your inbox untidy as well.

Here are eight fantastic tools that will help you with email management and make sure you never miss out on any important emails by keeping the clutter down, but also help you to improve your general productivity at home or the office.

1. Organizer

If you are not the best at email management,  Organizer by OtherInbox can be of great help. It gives you labeled folders in which it instantly sorts all of your mail into folders so that you know where to find what you’re looking for when you enter your inbox. It’s also highly customizable and compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and more.email organizer

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