4 Easy and Quick Ways to Convert a Facebook page into a Website

convert facebook page to websiteCreating a Facebook fan page for a local business, cause, hobby, interest, charity or anything else is pretty easy and even fun. Furthermore, setting up a simple Facebook fan page doesn’t require lots of time, technical or other specialized skills. With over a billion users around the world, Facebook is the perfect place to present your products and services, and spread the word about what you support. Besides, creating and publishing a Facebook page is fully free for every Facebook user. As a matter of fact, one user can create and maintain multiple Facebook pages. And Facebook features make it so easy for us to spread the word and support what we like or believe in. Thanks to all these advantages, Facebook pages have become a more common way of establishing an online presence than a website. Even though having a Facebook page is great, having a professional website as well is even better and more effective. If planning and creating a website isn’t an option for you right now, and you already have a Facebook fan page, then try these four apps that can turn your Facebook page into a website quickly and painlessly. Continue reading >>