How to Digitize and Modify Thanksgiving Recipes without a Scanner

digitize edit thanksgiving recipesNowadays it is so easy to find amazing Thanksgiving recipes on the Internet for virtually any occasion, taste or diet. There are so many amazing blogs and sites with not only detailed recipes, but also step-by-step instructions for preparation. Thanks to this, you don’t need to be a world-class cook to make an amazing meal or even a Thanksgiving dinner.

But despite the Internet and tons of Thanksgiving recipes circling around the Web, many of us have that one priceless old family cookbook with everyone’s favorite recipe for the most savory, perfect Thanksgiving dinner (and all other important holidays). It has become a family treasure long ago and you open it only for those special occasions, because you fear that it will get damaged or that too much touching and page turning will ruin it.


Do you collect Thanksgiving recipes from magazines?


Another very common scenario would be that you collected recipes from magazines, recipe cards or scribbled them on any piece of paper or note-card you could find whenever you came across a yummy recipe. Now you have so many recipes that it is impossible to organize them, or, even worse, to find the one you want. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to digitize them, organize, tag and search them by ingredients or some other criteria? Not to mention the ability to add notes or even edit them?


How to Digitalize a Recipe without a Scanner?


If you have a scanner, it is no problem to scan them and turn them into images, which you can then easily convert to editable document formats, like Microsoft Word, using a file converter like PDF Converter Elite. It uses cutting-edge OCR technology, which enables you to easily pull out text from images into a Microsoft Word. But not everyone has a scanner in the first place, right? However, chances are you have a smartphone which lets you easily take pictures and transfer them to your computer. That, a Windows-powered computer and PDF Converter Elite are all you need to convert your Thanksgiving recipes to usable electronic file formats.

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