How to Print Multiple Slides on one Page

When you need to deliver a presentation it often requires some additional skills apart from PowerPoint. Assuming you know how to make a presentation in PowerPoint, the only skill you need to learn is related to printing such presentations. In some situations, it is not acceptable to send a PowerPoint presentation via email, and you are expected to print and deliver it instead. If you presentation is too long it means you will need much paper. To cut the printing costs and contribute to environment protection, you can print multiple slides on one page. If you fit more slides on the page you will have less pages to print. Plus, the person who needs to evaluate your presentation will have less paper to go through.


How to print multiple slides on one page only


Note: This guide is meant for users of MS Office 2016, 2013, 2010.


  1. Click on the File menu and then on the Print button. As you can see from the images below, the File menu is at the left top of the program and the button Print is also at the left side of it.


how to print multiple slides on one page

print multiple slides on one page


  1. Check out if the right printer is chosen. If the printer you want to use is not on the list, you can click on Add a Printer to include it in the list.
  2.  In the Settings section, click on the Full Page Slides to open additional options,   Handouts. Now you can decide how many slides you want to present on one page. You  can select two, three, four, six or nine slides to fit on one page.


how to print multiple slides on one page

  1. Additional step is to put content on both sides of the paper. So if you want to print both sides of the paper, click on the arrow next to the Print One Sided, and change the option. Print One Sided is the default options and it means that the printer will print on one side of the paper. When printing both sides of the paper, you need to turn the paper manually.


  1. The final step is to click on the Print button. You can find it at the left top of the program.

Note for PowerPoint 2007 users: In order to print multiple slides on one page, you need to follow similar steps. Only the interface of the Print window is a bit different. When you open Print settings from the File menu, check the Print want option first. Make sure Handouts option is selected. Next to the Print what is the option to choose the number of slides per page. Check out the screnshot here.


How to Print Multiple Slides on one Page PDF


If you want to print your PowerPoint presentation to PDF and at the same time put more slides on a page, guidelines are pretty similar.

So, you need to open the same settings and select the number of slides per page. As it was explained in the text above, you need to click on the arrow next to the Full Page Slides or on the exact button Full Page Slides. In the Handouts section choose the number of slides per page.

That part doesn’t differ from the first guide. What differs is the printer choice. Instead of choosing the real printer, select a virtual printer.

What is a virtual printer?

Most PDF programs that have viewing option, such as Adobe Reader or PDF Converter Elite, has a virtual printer. If you have any of these programs installed on your computer, you will see the name of the printer in the list. So instead of selecting a real printer such as HP LaserJet, choose PDF Converter Elite Printer or any other PDF program you use.

Interesting tip:

You can apply this setting to other MS Office or OpenOffice programs. In other words, you can print to PDF almost any kind of file. That’s the quickest way to create a PDF from a file such .ppt(x).

Anyway, when you select the number of slides per page and the virtual printer, the only thing left to do is to click the same Print button. As a result, your presentation will be saved in a PDF. A PDF will contain multiple slides on one page, as many as you chose.

It is always better to use PDF files instead of .ppt(x) when you need to send a presentation to someone else or to move it to another computer. PDF keeps the format and the layout of the presentation and your work will remain intact.



How to Print PowerPoint with Notes

PowerPoint is often used for making various presentations. Business people, teachers and students are often in need to present their business, work or research. Most presenters rely on technology and use projectors to show their PowerPoint presentation. But in certain situations it is necessary to print your presentation and hand it out. It is a common knowledge how to print PowerPoint document but not so many people know how to print PowerPoint with notes. So, if you need to retain the comments and notes in your presentation, here is the simplest way to do it.


Print PowerPoint  with Notes in Office 2016, 2013, 2010


Go to Print menu via File, then click on the Full Page Slides and the Print Layout options will show up. Full Page Slides is the default option, change it to Notes Pages.

how to print powerpoint with notes

In addition, you can specify the page orientation, to be the Portrait or Landscape. By default, it is chosen to be the landscape orientation.

To print your notes in color, click the arrow next to the Grayscale button and then click on the preferred color.

Finally click Print.


Print Notes in PowerPoint without Slide Thumbnails


First you need to go to View menu and click on the Notes Pages button, under the Presentation Views tab. Then, select the slide thumbnail you want to remove and click Delete.

The follow steps are pretty much the same as explained in the previous section, start by clicking on File and Print. In the Page Layout select Notes Pages instead of Full Page Slides. Again, finish the process with Print.


Print PowerPoint  with Notes in Office 2007


PowerPoint 2007 is a bit different than its newer versions and in order to access the Print  settings you need to click on this button . When you click on the arrow next to Print, you will be able to run Print Preview.

Page Setup section leads you to the Print What where you will see Notes Pages.

In the same way as explained for newer versions of PowerPoint, you can change color and page orientation.


Don’t forget to double check the chosen printer, especially if you are at the office where is likely to find multiple printers.


How to Highlight in PowerPoint

Highlighting is useful when you want to emphasize specific parts of a presentation. If you rely on Microsoft Office to create presentations, here is a guide on how to highlight in PowerPoint. First we will explain how to highlight in PowerPoint 2016 (only for Office 365 subscribers), and then we will show you some secrets how to do that without Office 365.


How to highlight text in PowerPoint

The following guide is only for PowerPoint 2016, for Office 365 subscribers. It is very easy to do that: first select the text you want to highlight and then select the arrow that stands next to the “abc” icon. Choose the highlight color and the selected text will be marked with that color.

If you need to highlight text that is not consequent, don’t select the text first but click on the arrow we mentioned above. Choose the color and then click on the text area on the slide. To turn off the highlighter, just press the Esc button.


Useful Tip:

If your PowerPoint version doesn’t support the highlighting feature, you can apply highlight settings in Word and then copy paste the text to PowerPoint. Just make sure to choose the following paste option: Paste and keep source formatting.


How to highlight text in PowerPoint 20007


Unfortunately, it is not possible to highlight in PowerPoint 2007 in a regular way. But there is still a way to do it by creating a text box. You can insert a text box and highlight it, and then move the text box to the presentation.


Here’s how to do it:

how to highlight in powerpoint

Click the Insert tab and then the Text Box in the Text tab. You can drag a text box to your slide or first make a text box out of the slide and then add it. To drag a box, just hold the left mouse key and move it.

how to highlight text in powerpoint

Double click in the text box to enter the text. Select the text with the left mouse click and the small window will pop up, with font options. Click on the arrow next to the abc icon and choose the color. When you are finished, click outside of the box and the border lines will disappear.

highlight text in powerpoint

These steps can actually be applied to all versions of PowerPoint and not just PowerPoint 2007.

How to highlight a picture in PowerPoint


When you want to highlight a certain picture in your presentation, it is usually not the whole picture but a part of it. Here is how to emphasize part of an image in PowerPoint:

Considering that you have already inserted a picture in your presentation, the first step would be to go to the Insert menu, under the Illustrations tab, click on the Shapes and choose the shape you want. Insert the chosen shape (oval, rectangle, triangle…)  in the the picture. You can drag the shape according to your preferences.

The next step is a bit complicated, so read carefully:

Click on the image and then press CTRL on the keyboard, and click on the shape too. In the Format menu go to drawing tools and click Merge Shapes option.


Note: this option Merge Shapes is in some versions of MS Office called Combine Shapes.

Then, select the same image again, but not the fragmented part. In the Format menu, you will find the Artistic Effects option. Click on the Blur option and the image will be blurred, only the fragmented part will be in the focus.

how to highlight picture in powerpoint

What else you can do to emphasise the fragmented part, is to right click on the fragmented part of the image and then on Format Picture. That button will open additional sidebar with different picture formatting options.

Here you can read more about formatting pictures in PowerPoint 2016, but you can find on the internet guides for other versions.


Here you have learned how to highlight in PowerPoint. It is always a good idea to emphasize certain parts of the presentation and make your content more appealing. On the top of that, learning additional tricks of Microsoft Office programs can never be a waste of time.

Checklist of Essential Small Business Technology in 2018

It is safe to say that small businesses and technology go hand in hand. In order to raise productivity, efficiency, grow the revenue of your business and improve expenses and performance, you should embrace technology and what it has to offer. It is important to follow the trends of technology as it has been changing every year.

According to Insight statistics from February 2017, 41% of small businesses have a plan to spend more on technology, especially for Internet of things. It is believed that in 2015 they spent 50% more on technology. Many business cannot work without wireless and mobile technology. Cloud solutions have also become inevitable part of every small business.

To help you keep up with the latest technology we compiled a list of essential technology your business should have in 2018.




cyber security

Your business data may be at risk of cyber attacks if you rely on unsecured technology. According to Information Management, 58% of businesses experienced data breach at least once during the last year. We live in a world where information has become more valuable than gold. Losing you clients and business data in general can leave a bad reputation and not to mention losing profit. With the rise of Internet of things and the increased usage of online tools, cyber attacks have become easy to accomplish. The year 2018 will be a true challenge when it comes to protecting your sensitive data against cyber attacks and responding to security breaches. It is predicted that there will be new types of cyber attacks but also new ways of cyber defence and threat remediation that businesses can use.

Businesses should invest in cybersecurity technology but also provide their staff with appropriate training programs. Using outsourcing cybersecurity is also a good idea- working with professionals who will assess all the potential risks and come up with a right solution.

Artificial intelligence


artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will have a significant role in protecting businesses against cyber attacks but also improving your business model and relationship with the clients, and enhancing business analytics. In the recent infographics about 2018 tech trends for small businesses, almost 60% businesses are reportedly collecting data with the aim to build a strategy for artificial intelligence. With artificial intelligence, businesses can collect data that will help their growth.

Some researches show that more than 70% of businesses with up to 100 employees rely on the cloud. 90% of business with up to 500 employees also rely on cloud. It is only a matter of time when small businesses will implement artificial intelligence in the cloud systems. This will result in enhanced data processing and analysis of customer behaviour in cloud applications.

Machine learning


small business technology in 2018

In 2018, machine learning will have a huge impact on the rise of sales and customer support models according to some experts. Companies will be able to track and organize calls and responses in order to categorize data in the most efficient way.

This process can refine big data and recognize vulnerabilities and possible dangers. Machine learning and Blockchain seem to be the most popular developments of 2017 and will definitely continue to rise in 2018. It can give retail industry a detailed insight into consumers’ behaviour.

Internet of things


By 2020 there will be about thirty billion objects that are called internet of things. The global market of internet of things will reach $7.1 trillion in the years to come. Research shows that around 20% more companies plan to use or invest in internet of things in 2018. Internet of things have a pragmatic role in every small business, for instance, to monitor assets or physical security, to manage electricity and power usage.


Augmented reality


augmented reality

Another technology that can change the way you look at business is augmented reality. The data is dynamically manipulated in a way information gets a new level of engagement. Businesses can have a totally new, enhanced way of communication, among colleagues and consumers and the workplace in general, thanks to augmented reality business applications.   Augmented reality can be easily applied to retail industry, construction,healthcare, sport and many other industries. On the other hand, augmented reality can bring a totally different experience to customers and buyers and has a positive impact on the customer retention.

New trends in marketing


Thanks to new technology email marketing can become more personalized, and small businesses can focus on local advertising and cross-channel marketing, as well as video content. Customers don’t react any more to impersonal calls and emails and generic content. Businesses should have an aim to personalize and customize content for every customer. Thanks to artificial intelligence, businesses can have better email marketing and CRM tools.

Mobile banking


mobile banking

With the rise of mobile apps and mobile technology in general, mobile payments have also become a trend, especially among millenials. Small businesses should meet the requirements and implement mobile payments systems. By 2020 there will be two billion users of mobile banking. Companies should make those payments easier with the help of mobile technology. But with mobile payments there will be more cyber attacks. Businesses should find technology that will protect their customers’ mobile banking accounts from attacks.

All these listed technologies can bring new opportunities to your business and different ways to meet the needs of your existing and new customers. The sooner you start learning about new technologies, the sooner you will be able to improve your business.

How to Spell Check in Excel

spell check in excel

When working in a Word document, users have a good habit to check for spelling and grammar mistakes. It seems very unprofessional to send a document to your business partner or a client, with spelling mistakes. But people often forget to do that when they deal with Excel spreadsheets. Excel cells contain mostly numerical data and maybe that’s the reason no one bothers to check the text part. Although there is not so much text, you should spell check in Excel as well and not only in Word.

Here is how to spell check your Excel data

Way one: Use your keyboard to spell check in Excel by pressing the F7 keyboard. First you will be asked if you want to start the spell check from the beginning of the sheet. Naturally, you should click Yes and the Spelling window will show. That window will present the correct alternatives for the first word you misspelled. Excel will automatically select the misspelled words in the sheet and present its correct alternatives in that small window. Choose the right word and click the Change button. If you don’t want to change the word that Excel marked as incorrect, just click the Ignore once button. Undo Last button is useful if you want to get back to the previously chosen option.

Way two: Go to Review menu and click on the Spelling icon. The same window will pop up and you can repeat the same process. The only difference is the way you want to access the spelling options.

How to spell check in Excel (all sheets)

If you follow the rules above you will spell check only the existing sheet of the Excel, the one you opened. But if you want to check the spelling of the whole workbook, here’s what you need to do:

Right mouse click on one sheet and then click on Select All Sheets. Repeat the process again, click on the Review and then Spelling.

You cannot spell check in Excel the same way you do that in Word, because Excel doesn’t have all the functionalities. In MS Word, misspelled words can be automatically underlined with the red line and you can see your errors as you type. Unfortunately, that is not possible in Excel and you need to check for spelling mistakes manually. But at least you can make sure your Excel document doesn’t contain spelling errors before you send it to a client or a business partner.

How to Convert PDF to PNG

There are different formats of image files, such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, RAW, BMP and many other.  Every image file format has its advantages and disadvantages. PNG files are often used for Internet purposes, when uploading photos to a website. In some situations, especially when you need to print an image or to transfer it somewhere, converting PNG to PDF form is a right choice. But later on when you need to rework your image with image tools, you need to know how to convert that PDF to PNG.


You can turn a PDF to PNG with PDF Converter Elite and here is a detailed guide:


Download a free trial of our PDF Converter Elite program. The free trial lasts for 7 days and you can convert as many PDFs as you like for that time. Have in mind that you can convert only three pages per document.


When you run the program, go to the File menu and then Open, or click on the Open icon on the toolbar.


Select a PDF from your computer and double click on the file to open it in PDF Converter Elite.


Open a PDF, Choose PDF to Image Conversion and Convert PDF to PNG


The next step is to click on the Image icon (you will find it in the toolbar, after AutoCad icon). Another way to do that is from the Convert menu, and then PDF to Images option.


When it comes to PDF to Image conversion, there are multiple image formats to choose from and here is set up by default that the output format is PNG.

convert pdf to png


So, after you choose the Select option you don’t need to change the image format, and you can just click the Convert button. You can select the whole PDF, only specific pages of it, or the area you define.


To make your image monochrome, tick the Black and White box.


For PDF to PNG conversion, you can also adjust image size: its dimension and scale. By default, image size is defined by width but you can change it to be defined by height. All these options are available on the right side of the screen (see the image below).


To change the scale, click on that option first and choose the wanted value.


If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always click the Reset button and start again.


For scanned PDFs, you can turn on the option which is called Convert Using OCR. You can find the option in the Convert menu, OCR options.

What are the reasons to convert PDF to PNG? When do you use PNG files? Share with us in comments.

How to Insert PDF into PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the first choice when you need to make a presentation for business or school. It has a variety of different templates and themes for every purpose. You can use them as an outline and add information you need or you can make a presentation all by yourself. PowerPoint has a lot of different options that will enhance the look of your presentation. The Insert menu is particularly useful, because you can add different objects, images, illustrations to your presentation. The last time we talked about this powerful presentation tool, we showed you how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint. In this article, you will learn how to insert PDF into PowerPoint.

Compared to images and illustrations, PDF files can be tricky especially if a PDF has more than one page. In that case, only one page of a PDF can be visible. If you need to make all the pages visible, you need to split PDF into smaller, one-page documents, and then to insert PDF into PowerPoint.

On the other hand, if it isn’t important for you whether the content of a PDF is visible or not, you can display an icon instead. The icon will represent a PDF and when you click on it, the PDF will open.

But, let’s start from the beginning step-by-step.


Insert PDF into PowerPoint via Insert menu


Open PowerPoint presentation and left-mouse click on the exact area of the document where you want to insert a PDF. Click on the Insert menu in the navigation bar.


how to insert pdf into powerpoint


As you can see in the sections of the Insert menu, you can attach tables, images, illustrations, text, symbols, media, links to your presentation. In the Text section of the Insert menu, you will see the Object icon.


insert pdf into powerpoint


Click on the Object icon and then on Create from file option. To find a PDF you want to insert into PowerPoint, click on the Browse button.

When you locate a PDF file on your computer, select it with the left-mouse click and then click on the OK button.

how to insert pdf


That’s it. The PDF file will be visible in your presentation. If it seems too large, you can narrow it with the left-mouse click. Click on the circles, on the document edges and move it left or right. Depending on the position of the circle, you can move it right, left, up or down.

If you want to change the position of your PDF, you don’t need to delete the file and do it all over again. Just hold the left-mouse button and move the file to the preferred area.


Insert PDF as an Icon


Sometimes, the presentation won’t look good with the attached PDF on it. But if you need that file you can embed it into presentation and keep the presentation visually appealing at the same time.

To do so, insert a PDF into PowerPoint as an icon. Repeat the same process of inserting an object into PowerPoint. But when you open the Insert Object window, and browse a PDF, tick the box Display as icon. By default, PowerPoint will choose the design icon to be your default PDF reader. However, you can put any icon you want, it can be a unique image.

insert object into powerpoint


To change the default icon image, click on the button Change Icon. You will see a list of different icons available, but if you don’t like them you can click on the Browse button and find another icon. Have in mind the dimensions of such images, they are pretty small. When everything is set up, click OK.


Another Way to Insert a PDF into PowerPoint


There is an alternative way to insert PDF into PowerPoint and it is equally easy to follow. Maybe it is less precise if you are not skilled with dragging files, but if you are, this is the right choice for you.

So, open the PowerPoint presentation and the Windows File Explorer. It is a place where you save your documents. Minimize the windows of the file explorer so you can see the presentation and the file explorer at the same time. Click on the PDF you want to insert into PowerPoint, hold the mouse and drag the file to the presentation.


Insert Multiple Page PDF into PowerPoint


The biggest problem when inserting PDF into a presentation is when the PDF has multiple pages. You can still use the guidelines above and insert a PDF in that way, but only the first page of a document will be visible.


So, if you want to show multiple pages of a document, you can either split a PDF into one page-document or create a hyperlinked PDF. If you decide to split a PDF, you can follow the same guidelines explained above to insert every PDF document separately.


And here’s how to create a hyperlinked PDF and enable viewing the whole PDF file, no matter how many pages it has.


How to Insert PDF Link into PowerPoint


Start with the same steps=> Insert- Object- Create from file- Browse PDF


Check the Link box next to the Browse button and click OK. This will make a PDF file clickable and you will be able to instantly open it during the presentation. If the file is too big that would be the best option to go with. It will still look elegant and professional, you won’t need to close the presentation to find and open a PDF. Instead, you will be able to open a PDF from a presentation, with a double click.


To make sure this will work, open the Action settings. The Action button can also be found from the Insert menu.

insert pdf link into powerpoint

Check out if the Object action option is selected. This setting will confirm that the file will open with a click of the mouse. You can also choose a sound that will follow opening a PDF.


In some cases, this option doesn’t work quite well. That depends on a PDF viewer and Windows version. If you encounter any problems with this option, you can always find help from Windows support or on tech forums.

How to Recover an Unsaved Word Document

Does this situation sound similar to you? You were working in a Word document and suddenly the computer crashed. Maybe it crashed because of technical reasons or the loss of electric power. Or, you closed the document without thinking and now you don’t know how and if is it possible to retrieve it. Luckily, it is possible! Find out how to recover unsaved Word document and save your hard work.


There are two different types of unsaved documents:


  • A document that was originally saved but some of its updated versions wasn’t saved. In other words, you worked in a Word document and you saved one version. After some time you added more data in the same document but something went wrong and the latest version of your work wasn’t saved.
  • A document that was never saved at all. You were working in a document and you didn’t save it at all. This is more complex situation.


So let’s start from the first situation!


No matter what version of MS Word you are using, there is a way to retrieve unsaved document. The following guide explains how to recover unsaved Word document in versions 2010, 2013 and 2016.  All these three versions of Word have the same process. Later on in the text, we will explain how to recover unsaved Word document in older versions Word 2007, 2003 and 2002.


How do I retrieve a document that was not saved?


how to recover unsaved word document

Although sounds impossible, MS Office made it quite easy to recover documents. Just click on the File menu and you will see a list of recent documents as well as some additional documents options, such as Save as, Export, Print etc. If you don’t see that list, click on the Recent button.


At the bottom of the document you will see the option to Recover Unsaved Documents. By clicking on it, a list of recent unsaved documents will appear, and you just need to click on the document you need.


How do I recover an unsaved Word 2007 document?


Older versions of Word, such as Word 2007 don’t have this option to recover unsaved documents with the click of a button. The steps are a bit complex compared to newer versions.

First you need to click on the Office button and then the Word options button.

Click the Save button you will find in the Navigation Pane.

Have a look at the path of the file, that is placed in the AutoRecover file location box.

word 2007


Now close everything and head to that location to find the lost file. The file will have an .asd extension because it is an autorecover file. As soon as you find the file, open it and save it.


How to recover unsaved Word document in Word 2002/03?


These old versions of Word have a totally different procedure compared to newer versions.

Start by clicking on the Tools and then on Options.


In the File locations tab, click on Auto-recover files.


The following steps are the same as with the Word 2007. So close everything after you had a look at the file path and then find the file by following that path. Again, the file you are looking for will have an .asd extension because that is an extension for autosaved files.


Have in mind, if you don’t see the whole file path, click the bottom arrow in the folder name in the Modify location dialog.


Where does Word save AutoRecover files?


Word saves AutoRecover files in recent files box – for Word 2010, 2013, 2016.

In Word 2010, autorecover files can be found in Autorecover file location box. In Word 2002 and 2003 you will find such files in File locations tab, under autorecover files.


As for the exact location of such files, you can actually choose it or change the default location of autorecover files.


For Word 2010, 2013, 2016, click on the File tab>Options.

A window will pop up, find the Save menu on the left.


In the Save section you will see an option (as shown on the image below) where you can set up the location.

autorecover files

Click the Browse button to change the location where autorecover files will be saved and then click OK to confirm the changes.


What else can you change here?


It is set up by default that files are saved automatically every 10 minutes. You can change the timeframe and have your files saved every 5 minutes or so. These setting is available in the same window above the autorecover file location, see an image above.

As you can see Word saves documents by default, when they are closed without saving. As long as this option is ticked, rest assured you can recover unsaved documents.

But, what about situation two, when you were working in a document for the first time, and it was never saved before?

The same rules apply here under condition you have the abovementioned option checked- Save Autorecover information every…minutes.

You can find the autorecover files in the same way, just follow one of the guidelines above.


Temporary and Backup Files in Word


But, there is more. Did you know that apart from autorecover files Word has temporary and backup files?


Word saves backup files only if you have ticked, or it has been ticked by default the option Always create backup copy.


In newer versions of Word (2010, 2013, 2016), that option can be found in the same window we mentioned above. Click File and Save to open that window. Then click the Advanced option and tick the box Always create backup copy.

create backup copy

In Word 2007, the same options you can find when you click the Office button.


Did you know? Backup files have .wbk extension.


There are different method to search for backup files. You can either search in the search box of Windows, or directly via Word.


If you want to search your computer, just type the extension in the search box and all files of that nature will show up.

Another way is to open Word and search for all files. In the list of files, look for files with .wbk extension.

The step for opening all files in Word, is pretty much the same for all versions, or with slight differences. You need to click on Open and then Files of type> all files.


And what about temporary files?


Temporary files have a .tmp extension and that is what differs them from other files. Word chooses when such files will be created. The name speaks for themselves, files are on your computer only temporarily.


What is good, if the document you were working on and closed it without saving, was saved automatically as a temporary file, you can find it and save it as a regular file.


You can use the search box again and type this extension name in it. All the temporary files will be listed and hopefully the file you need will be there.




Even if you are careful enough when working in Word, and make sure your document is saved before closing, you cannot control certain situations. Your computer might stop working due to a power loss or some technical issues, and the document you were working at the time, is at risk of losing precious data. Fortunately, Microsoft Word has solutions to help such situations pass without serious consequences. Hope that this guide on how to recover unsaved Word document gave you enough insight into the problem and its solutions.


How to Convert PNG to JPG without Losing Quality

PNG and JPG files are the most used image file formats. Both files formats have their own purpose. For instance, .png files are good for images that are used on the websites. This file format has lossless compression whereas .jpg file format has lossy compression. Since these two formats have differences, it is often necessary to turn PNG to JPG or vice versa.


Lossless or lossy compression?

PNG files are in nature lossless which means the quality of the image stays almost unalterable when the file is compressed. JPG files are of lossy compression- in other words, when you compress a JPG file it loses quality which cannot be restored.


Which is better quality PNG or JPG?

If you have understood the difference between lossless and lossy compression, you know that PNG files are of better quality. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use JPG files and not convert PNG to JPG format. JPG files are quite useful when you need a file of a small size.

If you don’t know how to convert PNG to JPG and keep the quality of the image, rest assured that there is a way. The easiest way is to use Paint, but if you have PDF Converter Elite, you can use it to convert PNG to JPG.


How to Convert PNG to JPG with Paint


png to jpg

Click on the File menu and then on Open, or use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+O. Click on the PNG file you want to turn to JPG, and then on Open button.


The PNG file will now open in Paint.


how to convert png to jpg


Again, click on the File menu, Save as > JPEG picture.

Choose the file name, its location and click the Save button.


convert png to jpg


How to Convert PNG to JPG with PDF Converter Elite


To use PDF Converter Elite for PNG to JPG conversion, you need to convert PNG to PDF first and then to JPG.


Start the program, click on the Create button and open a PNG file in PDF Converter Elite. The file is automatically converted to PDF and by clicking on X button you will be asked to save the PDF file.


png to pdf

Note: If you not sure how to use PDF Converter Elite to create a PDF, learn more in our user guide.


Now when your PNG file is saved to PDF, you can easily convert PDF to JPG:


  1. Open PDF in PDF Converter Elite
  2. Click on the Image button
  3. Select the whole document, or the area
  4. Change output type as JPG (the default output type is PNG)
  5. Click the Convert button.


On the image below, you can see all the steps. You can use this guide to convert PDF to JPG, but also to other image formats. In that case, just choose other output type (step 4.)


convert pdf to jpg


To conclude


All image file formats have their purpose and can be used and altered very easily. You can change PNG to JPG when you need a file of a smaller size, and when the quality is not crucial. Of course, when the quality is a priority, you should better stick to PNG. With this detailed guide you will be able to change image formats, even to manipulate with PDF files as well.


How to Write on a PDF with PDF Converter Elite

If you have searched for guides on how to write on a PDF, you are probably aware of all PDF benefits. Not only can PDF be used on different operating systems and viewed on every device, but it can also keep your data secure. In addition to that, PDF files are usually of smaller size which means more memory on your computer.


PDF files are often used for business or school, when you need to prepare a portfolio or a presentation. You can save different types of content in a PDF, such as images, video and audio,etc. It is very easy to create a PDF from any native application, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and other Office formats.


But here’s the thing,


The problem arises when you need to add text to a PDF and you don’t want to convert a PDF to Word, make changes in Word and create a PDF again. You need something quicker, to type on a PDF directly.


Can you type in a PDF document?


Yes, you can type in a PDF document but only if you use specialized PDF tools that have that feature. There are only a few PDF conversion programs that have an ability to edit PDF files without conversion. With PDF Converter Elite you can write on a PDF and make necessary edits without converting PDF to Word or other formats.


How to add text to a PDF?


After you install PDF Converter Elite, open a PDF you want to modify and go the Edit options. Then add text to a PDF by clicking on the Add button and on the exact spot on the document where you want to write.


Here is a step by step guide:

 open pdf

Click the Open icon and find the PDF file you need.


Select the PDF file with the left mouse click and click on the second Open button, that will show up in the Open dialog.


edit pdf

Next step is to click on the Edit as shown on the image above.


When you choose the Edit option, you will see the editing panel on the right side of the program.


It will look like this:

add text to a pdf

You can guess from the screenshot above that the next step is to click the Add button.


When you do that, you will notice green lines on the document. What you need to do is to click on the exact area of the document. Finally, start typing in that small box. There are limits with regards to the number of characters. Don’t get confused with that small box, it will become bigger as you write.


how to write on a pdf


This is how to write on a PDF, but wait there is more


As you can see, there are some text settings under the Add button. You can easily change the font style, its colour and the size.


change font


If you want to repeat the action, just click the same button again and then click on the chosen part of the document.


Since now you know how to write on a PDF, it may be useful to have in mind that you can delete certain parts of the document in the same way. Logically, instead of choosing the Add text button, you will choose the Delete in that case.