How to Create a Digital Photo Album in Microsoft PowerPoint

digital photo albumCreating, managing and sharing images online have become very popular thanks to handy free online image tools and social networks. As a result, we increasingly organize and keep our photos in a digital photo album. We often forget that on personal computer sit amazing applications that we paid for but don’t use to their full potential. One such piece of often underused software is Microsoft PowerPoint with tons of amazing features, like the ability to create totally attractive digital photo album with original and personalized design.

Not only that, but there are many advantages of using Microsoft PowerPoint for this purpose. For one, you don’t need Internet connection to do it, which means that you can easily work on your digital photo album literally wherever you and your laptop are (for example, on the plane back from your awesome vacation where you made all those wonderful photos).

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Top Websites for Finding Academic and Business Events Worldwide

finding conferences seminars meetingsSeminars and conferences, expos, trade shows and all sorts of other business events and academic meetings, represent a great opportunity for learning more and increasing one’s expertise in a particular field. Business owners, entrepreneurs, sales managers and representatives, marketers and other professionals mostly attend such gatherings in their respective industries with the primary goal of promoting their products and services, discovering new business opportunities or meeting potential partners. Many business events, conferences and seminars are educational in character and purpose and as such, help both experienced and young professionals brush up their skills, grow their knowledge, and became greater experts in their fields.

Web and modern technology have made it easy to browse and find interesting conferences, seminars or any other important gatherings in virtually any industry – anywhere in the world. To help you, we collected some of the best websites for discovering business events in your field, wherever you are: Continue reading >>

How to Convert Image to PDF and Make an Album from a Pinterest Board

convert pinboard to pdf The Portable Document Format or PDF is probably one of the most used formats among computer users. When we think about PDF files, we usually visualize some important business or school reports, professional presentations, textbooks and other similar “serious” documents. We also associate PDF  with electronic books, magazines and brochures. Moreover, we use PDF for creating all sorts of fun goodies that we may want to share with our friends or even present as a pleasing gift. Since you can easily create a PDF from almost any type of file, no reason not to convert an image to PDF.

For instance, you can create PDF albums from images and photos discovered online, on sites like Pinterest. We all know that Pinterest is a great place for finding awesome photos and images.The site also allows us to pin our findings to personally-created theme boards. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to turn some of your boards into stylish PDF photo albums that you can share with friends or even print?

The good news is that it is actually possible. There is a tool called Pin4Ever and with that tool you can actually make a photo album from a Pinterest board. Here’s a quick how-to guide!

Use Pin4Ever to Make a Photo Album from a Pinterest Board

  1. Install Pin4Ever on your preferred browser. Although the tool is not completely free, this feature is available for all users.
  2. After installation the tool will pop up at the top of your browser, and it will look like this:


  1. Login to your Pinterest account and click on the Run Backup button. A window will pop up with all your Pinterest boards. Tick or untick the boards according to your needs.

image to pdf

  1. You can find the backup in Pins4Ever folder on your desktop. There are your pins as image files, together in one folder.


Convert Image to PDF with PDF Converter Elite


To make an album of these images, first convert images to PDF and then create a photo album in PowerPoint- check the guide here.

  • To convert image to PDF, first install PDF Converter Elite.
  • The second step is to open the image you want to convert to PDF.
  • Right mouse click on the image and then on Print.
  • From the list of printers, choose PDF Converter Elite 5 Printer.
  • Click the Print button and then OK.
  • In the Save PDF As (see the image below) check out the location where the file will be saved.

print to pdf

If you prefer to have images in PDF format and not in PowerPoint, you can merge all these PDF files in one file and have a PDF album from a Pinterest board. You can use PDF Converter Elite to merge PDF files in three simple steps (open a PDF file, click Edit, then Merge PDF Files).


How to Visualize Data in 7 Different Ways

how to visualizeOne of the first things people learn, before learning to properly speak and count, is to recognize and categorize objects by color, size and shape. This is probably the main explanation of the explosion and huge popularity of different data visualization trends on the Internet in the past few years. But not so many people actually know how to visualize data.

Data analysts, researchers, statisticians, finance professionals, students –  basically everyone who works with data and needs to create all sorts of reports which they share with their stakeholders – have benefited greatly from this popular visual data trend.

Reports that were previously boring, dry and in many cases difficult to grasp because of too many numbers, calculations and sentences with dense terminology, can now be viewed in attractive visual forms.


How to visualize Data Reports easily

Thanks to the Internet and many wonderful online and desktop tools, it is so much easier to learn how to visualize complex information and data in a way that will help people not only understand it, but also enjoy viewing it.

Today we are recommending seven different ways how to visualize data in an appealing and effective visual form.  Continue reading >>

8 Free Excel Alternatives to Try

excel online alternativesOffice Web Apps are a great solution for business professionals and individuals who work with Office documents and often need to share them with other people – colleagues, bosses, professors or clients.

MS Excel Web App is a very popular Office Web Apps feature that lets users create, share, edit and collaborate on spreadsheets online. This option allows collaboration in real time where users can see who is working on the same spreadsheet and what they are inputting at the moment.

The major benefit of this web-based app is that it saves users’ time and simplifies the process of sharing. Instead of sending an attached document vie email to a third party and waiting to receive a corrected version, people can instantly share documents online and work on them simultaneously.

However, not everyone uses Microsoft Suite and Office Web Apps. Fortunately, Internet offers a variety of excellent free Excel alternatives and today we’ll cover eight of them that come highly recommended by tech experts. Very importantly, all of these apps are free.

Free Excel Spreadsheet Tools

1) Google Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets is probably the most popular and frequently used service for creating and sharing spreadsheets online. In order to use it, you need to create a free Google account (if you don’t already have it) which will only take a few minutes of your time, after which you are ready to start creating, sharing and collaborating on spreadsheets, charts, graphs, pivot table reports, forms and much more. Continue reading >>

Free PDF Editor: Edit PDF in PowerPoint and Google Slides

Creating and editing computer presentations is for some people a fun activity, for others, a tedious obligation, and there are those who find it a combination of these two. If you are a student assigned to improve your presentation, or sales manager on the verge of losing a client unless you turn your sales pitch into a visually attractive and convincing offer, you’ll be the most successful if you belong to the third group of presenters.

What can be fun about professional presentations?

Tech tools and app developers are doing their best to make their presentation software as user-friendly as possible. They are concerned about the fun factor, too, not just about creating a product that is simple to use. Some of very useful and fun PowerPoint features you can play with all day (if you get carried away) are SmartArt graphics, animation and inserting media clips, to name just a few.

powerpoint smartart

Today we have an amazing selection of free PDF editor tools to choose from for creating and editing compelling and convincing presentations. Continue reading >>

3 Ways to Convert Publisher to PDF Free

convert publisher to pdfIf you are not familiar with high-end graphic design software, you can still create professional looking publishable documents using Microsoft Publisher. The program has been around for two decades and, though there are many applications that have by now surpassed the functionality and usefulness of pub files creator, Publisher still has its steady circle of users.

This desktop publishing application is very appealing to individuals with no designing knowledge and to small firms that can’t afford to hire a professional graphic designer for designing their business cards, leaflets and other publications.

Publisher is very handy for editing and designing catalogs, newsletters, brochures, fliers, invitations, greeting cards, posters, reports, all kinds of labels and simply anything with an emphasis on the visual side of the document. The program’s collection of fonts, colors, borders, templates, and its advanced layout features enable any user to end up with a polished and professional looking print-ready publication.


Sharing pub and pubx files with others

If your job ends with printing a pub file, then you are good to go with Publisher alone. However, if you need to share your document online with a third party, the program’s limited functionality comes to focus. Pub and pubx files are not compatible with many other applications and sending a pub file does not guarantee the other person will be able to see it.

The most practical and quickest solution to the problem is to convert Publisher to PDF. Portable document format is the universal format that can be viewed on any platform and is your choice number one when sending anything for viewing purposes.


Pub to PDF Converter

Today we’ll share with you three ways you can convert Publisher file to PDF for free. Continue reading >>

14 Alternatives to SlideShare for Top-Notch Presenters

slideshare alternatives

SlideShare is the world’s largest and leading online community for hosting, discovering and sharing presentations. It is safe to say that SlideShare has become a must-have tool in every presenter’s toolbox today. Business professionals, teachers, public speakers and students alike often use it to find inspiration and ideas, learn or present their own work here. However, SlideShare is not the only website that specializes in hosting and sharing presentations. There are other great, high-quality sites, SlideShare alternatives that let you upload, host and create or discover great presentations and slideshows shared by other presenters.

1. AuthorStream –  a free platform for uploading, hosting and sharing PowerPoint presentations online. It has a pretty large user base and helps you discover great presentations in various categories. Some of the categories are business and finance, education, product manuals, science, technology, and many others.

2. Moovly  – With Moovly you can create, change and freely share your videos with no hustle. The Moovly library includes thousands of videos and images you can download without any limit. It’s one of the best online video animation software you can find online.

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How to Make an Ebook in PDF from Web Pages

Surfing the Web nowadays helps you find tons of useful, informative, educational or entertaining content. If you are researching a certain topic, you will undoubtedly find many great and helpful web articles, texts and posts on the subject very quickly. Actually, most times you will find yourself overwhelmed with all this content from various sources and discover that you stumbled on so much material that you can create a regular book from it for reading or studying over a longer span of time. The good news is that it is actually possible! Here is a tip on how to make an eBook from web articles with our premium and professional software for PDF management, PDF Converter Elite .

1) Open the article in your preferred web browser and choose to print it. For example, in Google Chrome right click on the page and choose Print from the option menu.

print google chrome

2) Choose PDF Converter Elite from the list of installed printers on your computer and click the Print button.

pce3 printer

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Export LinkedIn Profile to PDF Resume

download resumeLinkedIn is the world’s largest network of professionals. It is an increasingly important tool in every job seeker and business professional’s toolbox. Job seeking is one of the most common uses of LinkedIn. But, with over 175 million members worldwide, it is also a place to connect, share knowledge, and network with experts from virtually any field. Savvy business people use LinkedIn to uncover new business opportunities and attract and reach out to potential clients and customers.

Most career and networking experts claim that the stepping stone to LinkedIn success is a well-rounded and complete profile. There are many tips for creating LinkedIn profiles and users spend quite a lot of time and effort filling in all the available information and sprucing up their profiles.

Despite the power of LinkedIn, most active job seekers still need a good printable resume. One of the best and most common ways to create a professional CV or resume is using Microsoft Word or Google Documents. As a matter of fact, Microsoft Word 2010 provides excellent tools for creating winning resumes. Resumes created in MS Word are highly editable, printable, and easily converted to PDF – which is one of the best formats for sending and sharing documents.


Download Resume as PDF


However, if you already have a great LinkedIn profile, you may want to turn it into a printable file instead of creating a resume from scratch. Fortunately, LinkedIn has already figured this out and offers an option for exporting profiles to PDF.

To help you convert your profile into a compelling PDF resume as quickly as possible, you just need to do the following:

1. Login into your Linkedin account

2. Click on the Profile menu Profile Edit Profile →  View button

3. Choose Save to PDF. Linkedin will automatically download resume as PDF and save on your computer.

LinkedIn logo photo credit: kylemac via photopin cc