How to Create Halloween Party Invitations in Microsoft Word

halloween party invitationsHalloween is one of the most entertaining holidays in the year, when ghosts, spiders and other scary motifs decorate our home and inspire our wardrobe. When we go to a Halloween party we get to eat a lot of candy in the trick ‘n’ treat tradition.

On October 31 many people organize costume parties and people get dressed up as goblins, witches, vampires or some other scary creature that no one has yet thought of.

If you are hosting a Halloween party this year, we’d like to give you some last-minute advice on how to invite people to your fun event. Everyone loves receiving original invitations and since we only have one day left, this will be a very quick and easy tip on how to create stylish party invitations for your guests in a snap! If you are a Microsoft Office user, you may want to know that you can create fun invitations in MS Word without any drawing or designing skills at all, using professional predesigned templates. And here’s how! Continue reading >>

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

We want to extend our warmest wishes to you, dear Canadians, who celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

We hope you’ll spend today with your closest friends, family members and loved ones, enjoying your day off in good company.

We also want to use this opportunity to thank all our friends, followers and users and supporters for using our PDF tools and spreading the word about them!

canada thanksgiving

Happy holiday!

The Team

25 Must-Follow Pinterest Boards for CPAs and Accountants

Pinterest boards

Pinterest is one of the most popular photo-sharing websites that allows users to create their own image  Pinterest boards where they can “pin” images they like. People usually start by creating different boards for different categories of their interest spheres: art, food & drink, geek, design, technology, travel, etc. Then they start filling each of their boards with photos, illustrations or videos that belong in that group, either by adding visuals they created or browsing the Internet to find good content, or by repinning images they like on other Pinterest users’ boards.

If you’ve ever used or just seen a Pinterest account, you know that many of these pins are light, humorous aspects of a topic or interest sphere. So, one would think that serious, intellectual content for CPAs and accountants-to-be doesn’t belong to such a fun-sharing portal. You’d be surprised!

Pinterest hosts many Pinterest boards designed for accountants, bankers and other finance professionals, but also those who are just entering this exciting field. Pins in the CPA and accounting category are there to:

– Motivate
– Provide money-saving tips and other frugal advice
– Offer sympathy to CPA exam takers
Continue reading >>

How to Set up the Selected Worksheets So They Print on One Page

print excel to pdfIf you are a Microsoft Excel user, then you probably know that you can save your Excel spreadsheets as PDF without using any additional piece of software. This function is natively available in Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 suite update. All you need to do is choose to save you active spreadsheet as PDF. However, creating the perfect and professionally looking PDF from a spreadsheet is not always so quick and straightforward. You’ve probably experienced it if you’ve tried to make a print ready PDF out of an extensive, data-rich spreadsheet with multiple rows, columns, charts and other graphics or data tables. You put in a lot of work into developing your spreadsheet and then when you save it as PDF, it ends up broken into multiple-page PDF without visible connection or order. Does it sound familiar?

The real reason behind this is that MS Office is using your print settings for saving Excel spreadsheets as PDF files. Since default print setting is No Scaling (meaning that sheets will be printed in their actual size), your bulky spreadsheet will be converted to PDF using this setting. Should you want to fit your spreadsheet to one page PDF, it means that you need to change your printing options to Fit Sheet on One Page before saving the spreadsheet as PDF. It’s all simple, but it is usually an extra step that you need to think about and take.


How to Fit Excel Sheet on One Page



fit excel sheet on one page


For those computer users who want to make the most of their time and accomplish routine tasks as fast as possible without sacrificing quality, there is a quick solution to fitting an Excel spreadsheet into a single page PDF. The solution’s called a Continue reading >>

How to Turn Spreadsheets Data into Interactive Excel Charts

excel chartsMicrosoft Excel is the leader among data spreadsheet applications. Used by over half a billion people across the globe, it is regularly updated with new versions to improve its functionality. The latest version, MS Excel 2013 pushes the limits of creating and working with tables, charts, graphs and macros even further.

Obviously, MS Excel is a powerful spreadsheet editor for advanced data processing and manipulation. Millions of financial and business analysts, auditors, accountants, bookkeepers and managers around the world probably can’t even imagine their world without Excel. However, one of the greatest dangers of working with data, especially if the results are to be presented to a third party, is the risk of creating very dry, dull data reports that nobody actually likes to dive into and peruse. Continue reading >>

4 Easy and Quick Ways to Convert a Facebook page into a Website

convert facebook page to websiteCreating a Facebook fan page for a local business, cause, hobby, interest, charity or anything else is pretty easy and even fun. Furthermore, setting up a simple Facebook fan page doesn’t require lots of time, technical or other specialized skills. With over a billion users around the world, Facebook is the perfect place to present your products and services, and spread the word about what you support. Besides, creating and publishing a Facebook page is fully free for every Facebook user. As a matter of fact, one user can create and maintain multiple Facebook pages. And Facebook features make it so easy for us to spread the word and support what we like or believe in. Thanks to all these advantages, Facebook pages have become a more common way of establishing an online presence than a website. Even though having a Facebook page is great, having a professional website as well is even better and more effective. If planning and creating a website isn’t an option for you right now, and you already have a Facebook fan page, then try these four apps that can turn your Facebook page into a website quickly and painlessly. Continue reading >>

5 Top Reasons for Writers to Convert Epub to PDF

epub to pdfDigital publications are a great threat to the survival of printed ones. Owners and publishers of print magazines, newspapers and books are either crossing over to the e-publishing side that promises them a brighter future, or they are trying to make printed publications more appealing in some other way – by offering free gifts, discounts, inventing disappearing ink that prompts readers to read more quickly, etc. But whatever they do, one thing is clear: the (very near) future of publishing is in its digital form.

No wonder the web is full of commentary and step-by-step guides on how to publish electronic books. E-books are digital publications that can contain all kinds of media, not just text and images. They can include videos, hyperlinks, and even audio components. This makes a printed publication as we know it outdated in the face of the e-book’s interactive potential.

Furthermore, e-books can be distributed much more quickly than print publications ever could, avoiding shipping costs, which makes this one of the top reasons for writers to readily accept the new reign of the digital publication.


Most Common E-book Formats


E-books most commonly come in PDF, EPUB or HTML format, though browsing through popular free e-book sharing websites we can see that there are many more of them. Some of the most popular are:

EPUB – designed by the Open eBook Forum and available for use on iPhone, iPad, Sony Reader, Kobo Reader, Barnes & Nobles’ Nook. Continue reading >>

How to Create a Digital Photo Album in Microsoft PowerPoint

digital photo albumCreating, managing and sharing images online have become very popular thanks to handy free online image tools and social networks. As a result, we increasingly organize and keep our photos in a digital photo album. We often forget that on personal computer sit amazing applications that we paid for but don’t use to their full potential. One such piece of often underused software is Microsoft PowerPoint with tons of amazing features, like the ability to create totally attractive digital photo album with original and personalized design.

Not only that, but there are many advantages of using Microsoft PowerPoint for this purpose. For one, you don’t need Internet connection to do it, which means that you can easily work on your digital photo album literally wherever you and your laptop are (for example, on the plane back from your awesome vacation where you made all those wonderful photos).

Using PPT to create a photo album is very easy: Continue reading >>

Top Websites for Finding Academic and Business Events Worldwide

finding conferences seminars meetingsSeminars and conferences, expos, trade shows and all sorts of other business events and academic meetings, represent a great opportunity for learning more and increasing one’s expertise in a particular field. Business owners, entrepreneurs, sales managers and representatives, marketers and other professionals mostly attend such gatherings in their respective industries with the primary goal of promoting their products and services, discovering new business opportunities or meeting potential partners. Many business events, conferences and seminars are educational in character and purpose and as such, help both experienced and young professionals brush up their skills, grow their knowledge, and became greater experts in their fields.

Web and modern technology have made it easy to browse and find interesting conferences, seminars or any other important gatherings in virtually any industry – anywhere in the world. To help you, we collected some of the best websites for discovering business events in your field, wherever you are: Continue reading >>

How to Convert Image to PDF and Make an Album from a Pinterest Board

convert pinboard to pdf The Portable Document Format or PDF is probably one of the most used formats among computer users. When we think about PDF files, we usually visualize some important business or school reports, professional presentations, textbooks and other similar “serious” documents. We also associate PDF  with electronic books, magazines and brochures. Moreover, we use PDF for creating all sorts of fun goodies that we may want to share with our friends or even present as a pleasing gift. Since you can easily create a PDF from almost any type of file, no reason not to convert an image to PDF.

For instance, you can create PDF albums from images and photos discovered online, on sites like Pinterest. We all know that Pinterest is a great place for finding awesome photos and images.The site also allows us to pin our findings to personally-created theme boards. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to turn some of your boards into stylish PDF photo albums that you can share with friends or even print?

The good news is that it is actually possible. There is a tool called Pin4Ever and with that tool you can actually make a photo album from a Pinterest board. Here’s a quick how-to guide!

Use Pin4Ever to Make a Photo Album from a Pinterest Board

  1. Install Pin4Ever on your preferred browser. Although the tool is not completely free, this feature is available for all users.
  2. After installation the tool will pop up at the top of your browser, and it will look like this:


  1. Login to your Pinterest account and click on the Run Backup button. A window will pop up with all your Pinterest boards. Tick or untick the boards according to your needs.

image to pdf

  1. You can find the backup in Pins4Ever folder on your desktop. There are your pins as image files, together in one folder.


Convert Image to PDF with PDF Converter Elite


To make an album of these images, first convert images to PDF and then create a photo album in PowerPoint- check the guide here.

  • To convert image to PDF, first install PDF Converter Elite.
  • The second step is to open the image you want to convert to PDF.
  • Right mouse click on the image and then on Print.
  • From the list of printers, choose PDF Converter Elite 5 Printer.
  • Click the Print button and then OK.
  • In the Save PDF As (see the image below) check out the location where the file will be saved.

print to pdf

If you prefer to have images in PDF format and not in PowerPoint, you can merge all these PDF files in one file and have a PDF album from a Pinterest board. You can use PDF Converter Elite to merge PDF files in three simple steps (open a PDF file, click Edit, then Merge PDF Files).