How to Embed PDFs into Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2010

With the arrival of the Microsoft Office 2010, there have been excellent advances in collaboration and the lines between each of the suite’s programs continue to blur, since they can all be used to benefit one another.

The 2010 Office suite is all about giving the user as many options as possible when creating new documents in any of its programs.

One great thing that you can do in not only Word 2010, but also Excel and PowerPoint, is to include a PDF file in your document.

It’s a very simple process as well.

The process is the same in all three programs: Go to the Insert tab, click Object, and then select Adobe Acrobat Document, which should already be selected anyway.


1) Here is what it looks like in Word 2010:


embed pdfs


Once the PDF is placed inside the document, the user will be able to resize it and move it around in order to get it looking just right. Continue reading >>

Ten Tutorials to Master MS Excel 2010

ms excel 2010For all you spreadsheet users out there who have decided to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Excel 2010, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of sites that can help you make the transition to the updated program as painless as possible.

Whether you are completely new to Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet program or you are upgrading from the 2003 or 2007 version to the latest 2010 edition, there are a number of sites out there to help you find your way around the new program.

Here are ten of the best online tutorials for learning Excel 2010. Continue reading >>

How to Convert Your Blog to PDF

turn your blog into a PDFIf you are serious about your blogging, then you should be equally serious about cataloging and backing up your work as well. One of the best ways to do this is to convert your blog to PDF and essentially make an e-book out of your blog.

BlogBooker is an excellent site that allows you to do just that. In several easy steps, you will be able to turn your blog into an e-book for your safe-keeping or to share with your friends who always forget to check out your blog when you tell them to.

The site works with three of the biggest and most popular blogging websites – WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal.

Here’s how it works. Continue reading >>