How to Embed PDFs into Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2010

With the arrival of the Microsoft Office 2010, there have been excellent advances in collaboration and the lines between each of the suite’s programs continue to blur, since they can all be used to benefit one another.

The 2010 Office suite is all about giving the user as many options as possible when creating new documents in any of its programs.

One great thing that you can do in not only Word 2010, but also Excel and PowerPoint, is to include a PDF file in your document.

It’s a very simple process as well.

The process is the same in all three programs: Go to the Insert tab, click Object, and then select Adobe Acrobat Document, which should already be selected anyway.


1) Here is what it looks like in Word 2010:


embed pdfs


Once the PDF is placed inside the document, the user will be able to resize it and move it around in order to get it looking just right. Continue reading >>

How to Uncover Grammar Mistakes in MS Office 2010

spell check in wordThere are so many useful websites that allow you to check the grammar of your writing for free. But if you use Microsoft Office suite for document processing, it would be much better if you could uncover grammatical errors in your business emails and important documents without leaving MS Outlook or MS Word.

Microsoft Office, as most of us know, has built-in spelling and grammar tools. While its spell check feature is great, the grammar check feature recognizes only the most common grammatical mistakes.

Luckily, there are a number of tools that can perform a robust grammatical check of your writing right from MS Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. They are mostly paid solutions, but some offer free services.

One such tool is a free add-in for MS Office offered by Grammarly – one of the most popular and accurate grammar tools in the world.

To add it in your MS Office, follow these two easy steps: Continue reading >>

How to Enhance Your Presentations with the New Google Docs

Google has recently updated its presentations in Google Docs – introducing more than 50 new features – including new themes, transitions, animations, drawings, advanced tables and live collaborations. The Google presentations, as a free alternative to Microsoft’s PowerPoint,  is very easy to use and pretty intuitive. If you are someone who is still hesitant about switching to the new version, here are some handy tips and tweaks to spice up your presentations:


1) Jazz up your presentations with new themes

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How to Create a Winning Resume in Microsoft Word 2010

Writing winning resumeWith the job market being more competitive than ever these days, your first impression when trying to get hired is very important. And usually, the first impression that you are able to make is with your resume. So if you don’t know how to make resume, don’t wait any longer and learn that necessary skill.

Microsoft Word has for years been a great tool for creating a good looking resume quickly and easily. MS Word 2010 is no exception, continuing Microsoft’s efforts to keep the process of creating your resume easy. At the same time it is giving you more options to personalize and customize it.

Let’s take a look at how to make resume using MS Word 2010. Continue reading >>

How to View and Print MS Office documents without the Office suite?

view and print ms office documents without installing the office suiteThe Microsoft Office suite is probably the world’s most popular solution for creating professional looking documents such as text, spreadsheets or presentations.  Many businesses and professionals worldwide use it for creating important documents. However, taking into consideration the price of the suite, it is not always possible to buy and install MS Office on each device we use.

For example, MS Office is installed on the desktop computer in my office and on my laptop, but I don’t have it on my netbook, which I usually take with me on short business trips, conferences and holidays. You may be in a similar position. So, what happens if someone sends me an MS Word document or Excel spreadsheet or even an important presentation? How can I open and view them?

Well, there are many ways, but here is the best free solution. If you use this, you don’t even need an Internet connection to open and print your MS Office docs.

Microsoft alone provides lots of free software that we may not know exists.  It does offer Word, Excel and PowerPoint viewers, however.

The following tools allow you to view and print Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, even if you don’t have these programs installed. Continue reading >>

How to Convert Your Blog to PDF

turn your blog into a PDFIf you are serious about your blogging, then you should be equally serious about cataloging and backing up your work as well. One of the best ways to do this is to convert your blog to PDF and essentially make an e-book out of your blog.

BlogBooker is an excellent site that allows you to do just that. In several easy steps, you will be able to turn your blog into an e-book for your safe-keeping or to share with your friends who always forget to check out your blog when you tell them to.

The site works with three of the biggest and most popular blogging websites – WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal.

Here’s how it works. Continue reading >>

How To Translate PDF Files to Different Languages Free

Translate PDF to foreign languages

There are times when you need to have a PDF translated – when you buy a gadget produced in Japan or China and you have no idea what the manual says – for example. Or maybe you are selling Italian tiles, and you want to translate the brochure of the company whose products you are placing on an English-speaking market.

If you do need to translate PDF files, it is good to know that there are ways that you can do this online without having to pay a single red cent.

The easiest and best ways to translate PDF files for free online involve the use of our PDF to Word tool, Google Docs or Google Translate.

Here are three of the simplest ways to get your PDFs translated into any of the many different languages that Google supports. Continue reading >>