Three Online Tools to Spruce up Your PowerPoint Presentations

Presentations play an important role in different spheres nowadays. Business professionals, freelancers, small businesses and corporations, teachers, students, public speakers, project managers, and many others use presentations on a regular basis. Microsoft PowerPoint is probably the best known and most popular software program for creating and editing slideshows. It is packed with tons of powerful features which allow for creating and publishing striking and effective presentations. However, most professional presenters are always on the lookout for additional tools and presentation tips that will help them differentiate their presentations and make best possible impression. If you are one of them, here are three easy to use and free tools that will help you spruce-up your .ppt and .pptx files.


1. Convert presentations into 3D slideshows


SlideShare 3D is a fully free web-based tool that enables users to easily turn any Slideshare presentation into a 3D slideshow. These 3D slideshows work on all modern browsers, mobile phones and tablets, including touchscreen devices. The tool is very easy to use.

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How to Annotate Web Pages Free with These 7 Apps

add notes to websitesIt is practically unimaginable to conduct any kind of research without the Internet these days. No matter if you are a student, educator, professional researcher, or simply a curious person, when you want to explore a certain subject chances are you will start your research on the World Wide Web. As far as we know, the Web is the best source of information on a wide range of topics.  Actually, you will most likely come across tons of great resources and materials that you can use for your project, paper, presentation, report or anything else.

However great and awesome it is, you will need to learn how to annotate all these amazing web pages in order to properly manage and moderate your research. Thankfully, there are numerous web applications that will enable you to add notes to web pages and much, much more. Today we share with you seven great apps for annotating the web and managing information online.


1. ZOTEROzotero

Zotero is a free tool that can help you collect, organize and edit your research sources. As a personal research assistant, it allows you to share your research and add content with a single click, directly to your library. As the tool supports thousands of sites, you can easily add PDFs, audio, images, and video files, and basically anything else.

The tool also organizes your research into collections, something similar to playlists, where you can name, add numbers or organized them however you like.

If you wish to create footnotes, citations and more, Zotero will, in no time, help you do that so you can concentrate on more relevant work. It can also automatically synchronize your data across as many devices as you use so you are able to add to your research library on your home computer or organize your collections right within your mobile device.

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Batch Print HTML to PDF via Email

The Internet is so full of good stuff for reading, with many knowledgeable, creative, fun, and experienced people freely sharing their expertise, tips, tricks, research and resources with other patrons of the World Wide Web. Today, it is easy to do business and academic research online because of the high-quality resources and materials that are … Read more

5 Accounting Apps for Small Businesses


There’s so much effort that needs to be put into running a small business that you might not have time to manage your finances efficiently if you are not familiar with accounting. Fortunately, there are a lot of applications that can help you out and make the entire process easy enough for even laypersons to handle. If you are looking to save some additional money by not involving a professional accountant in your business dealings, here are some excellent apps that can help you do it on your own.


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Five Great HTML5 Editors

HTML5 Editor is a software application for creating web-pages. While any text editing program can be used for writing HTML web-pages, specialized HTML editors are usually robust applications which enable web authors to work with related technologies like CSS and JavaScript, communicate with remote web servers via FTP and more. They present a more convenient … Read more

How To Share PDF Files With Your Facebook Friends?

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t offer the possibility to upload your PDF files and share them with your friends directly from the Facebook platform. But, don’t get discouraged, there is an awesome way to share your PDF books, presentations, essays, papers, reports and other kinds of PDF documents with your friends on Facebook.

Scribd is a website that allows you to upload PDF, Word and PowerPoint documents and share them with the whole world. All you need to do is create an account and start uploading your PDFs. Best  of all, creating and hosting of your files is absolutely free.

Scribd - share your PDFs, Word, PowerPoint documents

Basically, there are two ways to share the files hosted on Scribd with your Facebook friends.

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