Back up your tweets in PDF, MS Excel or Outlook

twitter backup

Not many people on Twitter know that their tweets actually have expiration dates. Sure, they will always appear in your twitter stream, but after a matter of days, they are already unsearchable. Twitter needed to do this because of the website’s popularity and huge number of users. However, this is not good news for users interested in data-mining, because twits will not be able to be found through Twitter’s search engine just days after they are tweeted.

Thankfully, there are plugins, applications and various other methods that you can use in order to back up not only your tweets, but the tweets of other people that you might want to archive. Here are three different methods to backup your tweets and save them either as PDFs, or Microsoft Excel and Outlook formats.

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10 Free Diagramming Tools

diagramming tools


If you are a person who is very visual in nature, or your job demands that you have to create visual representations of your ideas, thankfully, there are many great free online tools that can help you get your point across.

No matter if you are an accountant and need an easy way to present information to your client, or a web developer sorting out the details of your company’s new site, or even a teacher helping your young students learn basic math with colorful visuals, these types of sites can always come in handy.

So whether you are looking to make a flowchart, pie chart, line graph or do some semantic mapping – whatever the case may be — there are free online tools available to meet all of your diagramming needs.

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