33 Tools to Create, Edit and Convert Images Online

creating, editing, converting images online

An image is worth a thousand words – you have probably heard this at least a thousand times. But the truth is that it really is so. No matter if you have a website or blog, or prepare materials and presentations for school, college, students, business, or for any other purpose, your documents and presentations simply look better and more professional with compelling, high quality images and graphics. Simply put – people like photos. Knowing this, we compiled a list of useful and free web applications that can help you to quickly create, modify and transform your images into dazzling works of art which will impress your teachers, students, colleagues, business associates, bosses, or simply amuse friends on social networks.


Create images, slideshows, photo collages, photo books and more

It’s never been easier to be an artist than today when there are tons of available online applications that can help you to create and present your photos, graphics and other imagery in creative and electrifying ways.

1. Photovisi is an easy to use and free online photo collage maker. First you pick among the many designs, add your photos, and customize the collage by dragging around items. Finished photo collages can be printed or downloaded.

2. Picture2Life, as its name implies, brings your pics to life by allowing you to turn them into collages and animated gifs. Some of the coolest features of the app include the ability to create collages using one of 20 available different countries as the basis of the collage. It is an awesome way to present your pictures from a recent trip to that country, for example. The best part is that Picture2Life works handsomely with photo sharing, hosting and blogging websites such as Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, ImageShack, and many more.

3. Photo Collage is another great web application that you can use to create online photo collages, photo animations and photo slideshows.

4. Picaboo bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones by allowing you to easily transform your digital photos into photo books, cards, calendars, gift certificates, yearbooks, prints and more. If you prefer desktop tools, a downloadable version of Picaboo is available.

5. Cool Text is a free online graphics generator. You can use it to quickly create a logo for your website even if you have no web design skills at all. Just choose one of available logo styles and fill out a simple form to design your logo: insert the desired logo text, choose the font, text size, color, and one of available image file formats – png and gif, with or without transparency, jpg, psd or xcf. Once you are satisfied with how your logo looks, click on the button to render it and that`s it.

6. Hohli Online Charts Builder is a simple web tool for making charts. It is based on the Google charts API and is easy to use: select your chart type, add data, pick the size, colors, add a title and preview your chart. Tweak it until you`re happy with it.

7. Free Clipart Library is a perfect place where you can find free vector illustrations. There are more than two thousands of illustrations you can use to create images. The tool is mostly used for creating logos or any kind of business graphics. 

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Learn Excel with These 15 Twitter Feeds

learn excel

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become prevalent in our personal and professional lives. When we want to reconnect with long lost childhood friends or follow world and business news as it happens, or find possible partners and suppliers for our business, we simply log into our account on the appropriate social network.

One great feature of social sites is that they also offer awesome learning opportunities for developing the users’ professional skills. Ongoing learning and skill advancement is simply a must in today’s business world, especially when it comes to improving one’s computer skills. Most office productivity applications are frequently updated with additional, more powerful features and capabilities. But to be able to take advantage of these improvements, modern office worker needs to be in learning mode constantly.

One of the most advanced and popular office applications today is certainly Microsoft’s spreadsheet program, Excel. True MS Excel masters are always in demand. There are many great MS Excel tutorials and manuals, many of them are even offered for free on the Internet. But, if you are not a fan of thick books or you are simply a Twitter addict, why not use that site to learn Excel skills and knowledge?

Here is a list of some great Twitter users who tweet beginner and power user MS Excel tips and tricks:

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