Convert Megabytes to Gigabytes online free and more

Do you often need to perform conversions between data storage units? Many people need to convert megabytes  to gigabytes, especially when evaluating how much space there is on a hard drive. Many times you will need to convert these units when you are looking to download and install software on your personal computer and need to check whether you have enough available disk space.

Let’s say that you would like to download and install a trial version of PDF Converter Elite. If you check out the system requirements for installing and running the software, you will see that you need a minimum of 35MB in available disk space. How many gigabytes is that?

This is very easy to find out. Of course, you can always ask Google, but another handy way is to find a free online unit converter, bookmark the page, and go back to it whenever you need to convert data storage units.

How to Use Free Online Unit Converter

One such converter is’s own free online unit converter.

Convert not only your data storage units like bits, kilobytes, nibbles, petabits, and gigabytes, but also units like mass, area, length, pressure, temperatures, volume, angle and even time.

All of the available unit converters are divided into 9 groups for easier access and better organization. Finding the unit converter you need is a breeze thanks to the user-friendly layout.

The conversion process is simple:

free online unit converter
Step 1. First, find the type of units you wish to convert from the nine available categories (mass, data storage, volume, length, etc). For our example, we’ll use “Data storage.

Step 2. In the box provided on top, enter the value that you want to convert. Let’s say you want to convert 35  megabytes into gigabytes. Enter “35” into the box provided.

Step 3. Now, on the left hand side drop-down menu, select the unit you want to convert (Megabyte), and on the right hand side drop-down menu, select the unit that you want it to be converted into (Gigabyte). And that’s it – the converter will display that 35MB is equal to 0.03GB.

convert megabytes to gigabytes
Also, the free unit converter’s simple drag-and-drop feature also allows you to organize the unit converters yourself, according to which ones you use most frequently.