How to Convert PDF to PNG without Losing Quality

There are different formats of image files, such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, RAW, BMP and many other.  Every image file format has its advantages and disadvantages. PNG files are often used for Internet purposes, when uploading photos to a website. In some situations, especially when you need to print an image or to transfer it somewhere, converting PNG to PDF form is a right choice. But later on when you need to rework your image with image tools, you need to know how to convert that PDF to PNG.

You can turn a PDF to PNG with PDF Converter Elite without losing quality and here is a detailed guide:

Download a free trial of our PDF Converter Elite program. The free trial lasts for 7 days and you can convert as many PDFs as you like for that time. Have in mind that you can convert only three pages per document.

When you run the program, go to the File menu and then Open, or click on the Open icon on the toolbar.

Select a PDF from your computer and double click on the file to open it in PDF Converter Elite.

Open a PDF, Choose PDF to Image Conversion and Convert PDF to PNG

The next step is to click on the Image icon (you will find it in the toolbar, after AutoCad icon). Another way to do that is from the Convert menu, and then PDF to Images option.

When it comes to PDF to Image conversion, there are multiple image formats to choose from and here is set up by default that the output format is PNG.

convert pdf to png

So, after you choose the Select option you don’t need to change the image format, and you can just click the Convert button. You can select the whole PDF, only specific pages of it, or the area you define.

To make your image monochrome, tick the Black and White box.

For PDF to PNG conversion, you can also adjust image size: its dimension and scale. By default, image size is defined by width but you can change it to be defined by height. All these options are available on the right side of the screen (see the image below).

To change the scale, click on that option first and choose the wanted value.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always click the Reset button and start again.

The quality of the end result depends on the PDF document but usually this type of conversion keeps the image quality.

For scanned PDFs, you can turn on the option which is called Convert Using OCR. You can find the option in the Convert menu, OCR options.

What are the reasons to convert PDF to PNG? When do you use PNG files? Share with us in comments.