How to create a winning resume in Microsoft Word 2010 and newer versions

With the job market being more competitive than ever these days, your first impression when trying to get hired is very important. And usually, the first impression that you are able to make is with your resume. So if you don’t know how to make resume, don’t wait any longer and learn that necessary skill.

Microsoft Word has for years been the best resume builder for creating a good looking resume quickly and easily thanks to its resume templates. MS Word 2010 is no exception, continuing Microsoft’s efforts to keep the process of creating your resume easy. At the same time it is giving you more options to personalize and customize it.

Let’s take a look at how to make resume using MS Word 2010 (and newer versions) free creative resume templates.

First open Microsoft Word, click on the File menu and then click New to create a new document.

A list of available templates for various types of Word documents appears on the screen.  From there you can select New resume samples or Resumes and CVs and look through the available templates.


MS Word Resume TemplatesChoosing the right resume template

The Resumes and CVs tab is a little more convenient for use, since it divides the offered templates into three categories: Basic resumes, Job-specific resumes and Situation-specific resumes. Explore the options and pick the template that suits you best. For example, if you are a recently graduated college student looking for your first real job, there are available templates that are tailored for your situation. If you are looking for a job as a pharmacist or a retail sales clerk, there are templates that are custom-made for those positions as well. Have a look around and pick the template that best suits your needs as far as both content and appearance are concerned.

Once you choose the resume template that you want to use, you can start editing. All you have to do is click on each individual field, one at a time, and enter the corresponding information – name, contact information, education, work experience, recommendations, etc.

After completing your resume, use the formatting features of Word 2010 to customize your resume even more and really make it your own.

Formatting tools that you might have been familiar with when using PowerPoint 2007 like reflection, shadow and glow can be used to format your text and make your resume more attractive and interesting.

Click on the Text Effects button on the Home tab in order to try some of these tools.


Word Text Affects

You can also use SmartArt graphics and insert them into your resume to make it more colorful and interesting with charts and graphs that correspond to the information stated textually in your resume.

Click on the Insert tab and then the SmartArt or Chart buttons to experiment with these features.

Use SmartArt in Resume

Creating resumes in newer versions of Microsoft Word?

creative resume template

If you have MS Word 2013, 2016 or 365 here’s what you need to do to find best free resume templates.

Click on the File menu and then on Home. On the right side of the screen click on More templates and then on Resume and Cover letters.

You can choose from many resume templates:

  • With different shapes and colours
  • modern -looking design or basic one
  • Cover letter templates
  • Resumes for students
  • Entry-level resumes
  • For different occupations (teachers, computer programmer, sales manager)
  • Resume for internal company transfer
  • Extended resume

Once you choose the right resume for you, click on Create button and resume will open in Word editor.

Now, you can easily change text, even font style and color. Also, replace the default image with yours and fill in all the details.

If you choose a resume with some design, for instance with some coloured shapes, you cannot change the colour of these shapes.

Are You Satisfied With the Look of Your Resume?

free resume template

Once you are satisfied with the way your resume looks, you can secure your document and set permissions that will protect it from being edited by anyone else. Click on File and then the Protect Document button to the right, next to Permissions.

You can also convert the resume into a more universal PDF format before you begin sending it to various employers in your search for a job.

Click on File, then Save As, and then scroll down to PDF in the Save as type box before clicking Save.

Or you can use our Free PDF Creator to turn the Word file into a secured PDF just as quickly and efficiently.

Next time you need to edit your resume you can use free PDF to Word converter to turn it into an editable Word format. The tool is free to use and there is no email required.

All these available tools enable you to learn how to make resume in a way it reflects your personality and individuality better in hopes of landing the job of your dreams.

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