Top Online Tax Calculators and Tools for This Tax Season

Tax season 2019 has officially started and you all know what that means. You need to start preparing papers to file taxes. Tax preparation and filing can be a pretty daunting and time consuming task. If you look for a solution that will simplify the whole process, there are free online tax calculators and tools for you to use. Everyone can benefit from these tools, while individuals with simple tax situations can calculate and file their taxes easily, quickly and for no cost at all using one of the tax return calculator from the following list:

1. TurboTax

TurboTax is a free online federal tax preparation tool. It allows you to prepare and file taxes online and to qualify for free state tax filing. You start by answering to their questions and then snap a photo of your w2 document. Turbo tax software prepares everything for you and they guarantee that all calculations will be 100% accurate. They are also proud in getting you the biggest and fastest tax refund. If you need any help, TurboTax offers free audit support and guidance.


eFile Tax Calculator is a simple and fast way to e-file and get your tax return free of charge. In order to estimate your taxes you will need to insert your financial data such as filing status, dependents, income, deductions, withholding, credits. So if you just need a quick tax estimator there is no quicker way than using eFILE tool.

3. TaxSlayer

TaxSlayer lets you file your tax return for free if you are single, married or a student. Its free edition allows you to e-file taxes from any device, find your deduction and get email support. The 1040EZ form is included. Their Refund Calculator enables you to quickly estimate your federal return. Of course, if you need priority support, you would have to pay for premium account.

4. Money CHIMP

Money Chip Tax Calculator is a simple tax calculator where you get your estimated tax amount by entering your tax income, dividends, adjustments, deductions. It is different from other tax estimator tools mentioned above, because there are no additional features such as filing taxes on the spot, getting professional audit support etc. You can use this online calculator to calculate your estimated tax payments.

6. HRBlock

The free edition of HRBlock is another online solution for filing simple tax returns. It supports most tax forms both federal and state and includes step-by-step guidance for completing returns. HRBlock additionally offers three free tax calculators: Tax calculator (to estimate your refund and tax reform impact), Refund status (to check your tax refund status), Tax filing checklist (to get yourself prepared for filing taxes). They also have a really interesting tax blog where you can find very useful tax tips.

7. esmart paycheck

eSmart Paycheck is an easy and flexible payroll management software created for business entrepreneurs to calculate and manage their payroll taxes. Since no registration is required, users can freely download and print their paychecks. Employees can use this free online calculator to compare net pay with different income levels and number of allowances.

Even though tax preparation is never a blast, it doesn’t really have to be a nightmare. Just choose the most suitable online tools to get through this process with as little agony as possible.