How to add pages to a PDF

Whether you are using our free PDF converter tools or PDF Converter Elite, you can add pages to a PDF and have all data in one place. Sometimes you need to add additional content to your PDF document. There is no need to convert PDF to Word or other editable format and to add content there. The easier way is to add pages directly to a PDF. It is called merging PDF files. Let’s see how to merge PDF files and what is the difference between our free PDF merge tool and merge option in PDF Converter Elite.

Add pages to a last page of PDF

If you need to add a PDF that contains one or multiple pages, into another PDF you can use our online PDF Merge tool. With this tool you cannot choose where you will add PDF pages. You can simply upload the main PDF file and the other PDF file from which you want to add pages. No matter if it is a one page PDF or a PDF with more pages, they will be merged to the first file.

How to add pages to a PDF in different places of a document

PDF Converter Elite 5 has more opportunities when it comes to adding pages to a PDF. The only condition is that the pages (or a page) you want to add are in PDF. If they are not in PDF you can easily save them as PDF.

Ok, now when you have PDF pages you just need to start PDF Converter Elite, and follow the steps:

Open the first PDF file, the one you want to use and where you want to add additional pages. To do that just click on the Open button and then locate the PDF file.

When the file is opened in PDF Converter Elite, click on the Edit button, then on Merge PDF Files.

Then add another PDF file from your computer and type the page numbers from that file, that you want to add. If you want to add only one page, type the same page number in both fields. Choose the exact location where you will add the pages. You can add the pages before any given page in the PDF file, at the beginning, or at the end of the document.

How to add a page to a PDF

There are two ways to add only one page of a document to your PDF file. For instance, If you want to add a Word document that has one page, to a PDF file, here’s what you can do:

  1. Convert that Word to PDF and then merge it with the main PDF.
  2. Convert the main PDF to Word, add the page in Word you wanted to add and then convert the new version of the Word document to PDF.

Note: working in Word gives more flexibility, especially if you don’t own PDF Converter Elite 5 and rely only on free tools. If you do own this program you can add or delete text and move pages within the PDF file without the need to convert the file to Word.