How to convert GIF to PNG free online

In the last article we explained how you can turn GIF into JPG online and now let’s see how to convert GIF to PNG free online. The steps are similar to the mentioned conversion type, and it takes only a few minutes to change the format of your image file.

So, GIF files are movable pictures and they are very useful when you want to present something in an attractive way. For instance, when you create gift cards, brochures, or blog articles. Every piece of content looks interesting when you want to present it in a short-video form.

Opposite to GIF, PNG files are still images but very useful when you need to keep graphics in a reduced file size. GIF files are good for animations but for all other usages online, it is better to use PNG images. PNG supports variable transparency and millions of colors.

Convert GIF video into PNG image

  1. Drop GIF file on our PDF creation page and once the GIF file is converted to PDF, download it to your computer or a mobile device (depending on what device you are using at the moment).
  2. Upload the converted PDF on PDF to PNG tool and as a result, you will get a PNG file.

Although it is not a direct conversion from GIF to PNG, it takes only a few moments. Both tools are completely free and there are no limits on the number of conversions. If you GIF file is too big, you may wait a bit longer than usual, but if it is of a regular size, it will take only a few min to get a PNG file.

For those who store files in the cloud, it is good to know that you can import a GIF file directly from your Google Drive or Dropbox.

Also, you can access these PDF conversion tools from every computer or mobile device, no matter what operating system you use.

And that’s it, in a few simple steps you can turn your GIF file to PNG.