How to Make a PDF Black and White

convert pdf to black and whiteMost of us usually make visually appealing, color PDFs when creating image and graphic-rich documents.  However, printing color PDFs with lots of charts, graphs, clipart and other imagery can be pretty expensive.  The expense of color printing is the reason why many businesses and individual users may choose to print black and white PDF files. To do so you need to convert PDF to black and white.

Take multi-colored AutoCAD drawings, for example. It is possible to create a PDF directly from AutoCAD for free if you install and use Free PDF Creator.

But, this feature-rich free software for printing and converting documents to PDF also allows you to customize the settings to fit your particular needs at any time. This also includes printing black and white PDFs from not only AutoCAD, but also any Windows application that allows you to print.

So if you occasionally need to create a monochrome PDF file, follow these simple steps:

If you still haven’t, then download and install Free PDF Creator.

Open your desired file, print it and choose Free PDF Creator among the available printers. Set the printer properties to print Black & White document.

free pdf creator

Once you do, click to print the file. The app appears. Here you have several available options for customizing your PDF creation settings.

In order to fully customize it for conversion to monochrome PDFs, choose to change the Output Quality to Custom (see the picture below).


The Custom Settings dialog appears. You are presented with four tabs, each offering you different customization options. On the first or left-most tab (General), you can change the PDF version and resolution. The following three tabs allow you to manage your color settings. Basically, you get to choose between Color, Grayscale and Monochrome printing. To change the settings for creating black and white PDFs, select the Monochrome tab, which is located at the far right.

print monochrome pdf

Adjust downsampling and compression by turning them off or choosing among other options offered in the drop-down menus. For downsampling, you may choose between Average (default setting), subsample and bicubic.

The available options for compression are LZW (default setting), CCITT, Run Length and ZIP.

However, standard FreePDF Creator’s settings for printing black and white PDFs are really good for most users and there is usually no need to change them. Simply click OK.

Then click on Create PDF.

FreePDF Creator will convert your colorful document to a black and white PDF, just like the one on the picture below.

monochrome pdf