How to rotate a video on Windows

In one of our previous articles we have showed you how to rotate PDF files. That guide can be applied to every type of document or image because you can always convert it to PDF. But what about the videos? Depending on the OS and media player you use, the steps can be different. Here we will show you how to rotate video in Windows media player, BS player and VLC.

How to rotate a video in Windows Media Player

The problem with Windows Media Player is that it lacks the feature of rotating a video. However you can still watch the rotated video in Windows Media Player by using the other program to rotate it and then view it in Windows Media Player. However, there is a way to rotate a video without using alternative media players and you can see more information below.

Rotate a video with Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a free program and it has the ability to rotate a video and much more. Once you save the rotated video you can view it in Windows Media Player. Here are the steps:

  1. To rotate a video you need to install free program Windows Movie Maker and open the video there by clicking the File menu and locating the video in your computer.
  2. In the top left corner of the program, click on the Rotate icon that says “rotate left 90 degrees”. Click twice to rotate by 180 degrees, and so on.
  3. In the File menu, find the Save option to save the rotated file. Now you can view it in Windows Media Player.

Rotate a video without alternative media players

If the idea of using two media players, one for rotating a video and the other for watching doesn’t make sense to you, you can either choose other players than Windows Media Player, or use the Photos app to rotate a video. The thing is, the default Photos app you can find in every Windows 10 computer can be used as a video editor. Here’s how to edit a video there and then open it in Windows Media Player:

  1. In the search bar at the bottom left, type “Video editor”. 
  2. Open the Video Editor app and click on the blue button New Video Project.
  3. You will be asked to rename the video and confirm the name changes.
  4. Click on the +Add button and From this PC to add your video in the editor. 
  5. By holding the left mouse click, drag the video into the timeline.
  6. Press the keys CTRL and R to rotate a video 90 degrees clockwise. If you prefer to work with the mouse, find the Rotate button and click on it instead.
  7. In the top right corner, click on Finish Video and save it to a preferred location. Make sure you choose the quality from low to high. 

How to rotate a video in VLC media player

Although you can still find Windows Movie Maker to download on some websites, it has been removed from the official Microsoft website. As an alternative, there VLC media player.

  1. Click on Media and then on Open File. Select the video you wish to rotate.
  2. In the Tools menu click on Effects and Filters or press CTRL + E keys on the keyboard.
  3. Click on Video Effects and then on Geometry
  4. If you check the Transform box, you will see the rotation options available.
  5. Once you rotate the video, click on the Save and then on the Close button. 
  6. Press CTRL and P keys on the keyboard or go to Preferences from the Tools tab.
  7. A new dialog will pop up, where you need to click on All, in the Show settings options (the bottom left of the dialogue). 
  8. In the Stream section, click on Transcode.
  9. On the right side of the dialog, check the box Rotate video filter.
  10. Click on the Save button and then press CTRL and R keys.
  11. When the dialogue Open Media pop ups, click on Add, select the file you rotated and then Convert/Save.
  12. When the Convert dialogue opens, click on the Browse button and locate the file to rewrite it or save it as a new file with new name. 
  13. Click on Start and once the conversion process is finished, save the rotated video.