How to save one page of a PDF

PDF files can be very large, like thousands of pages. Ebooks, study materials, accounting reports, white papers, case studies and other important documents. Although it can be easy working with PDF files if you have the right tools such as PDF Converter Elite, it is always easier to handle PDFs of smaller page numbers. If you for some reason need to print or work with a single page of a PDF, here’s an easy guide on how to save one page of a PDF. 

Before we start, let’s see the situations where you will need one page of a PDF:

  • You want to save the environment and you are printing only one page of a document
  • Someone asked you to send him information from the PDF file, but you don’t want to disclose the whole file 
  • You have content for 1,5 page but you want to fit it into one page
  • When you want to revise only the summary, the bullet points of your research or presentation  

Save one page of a PDF with PDF Converter Elite

Start PDF Converter Elite on your Windows computer and then open the PDF file in it.

To open a PDF file in PDF Converter Elite, just click on the Open button, and select the PDF file from your computer.

The next step would be to click on the Edit menu, and then on Split PDF File.

In the fields First Page and Last Page, enter the same number. That is the number of the page you want to save separately.

Press the OK button to save the page onto your computer. In the field File name you can check the name of the file and click the Save button. 
Also, before clicking on the Save button, make sure you are familiar with the location of the file.

Saving one page of PDF with online PDF converter tools

If you don’t own PDF Converter Elite, you can rely on our free PDF converter tools to save one page of a PDF.

It is very simply to do it, just follow these steps:

  1. Upload or drag and drop PDF file in any of these tools that convert from PDF to other format. *

*To what format do you want to convert the PDF file depends on the content of the file. If the page you want to save from the PDF file is an image, you can convert PDF to Image and save the image you need. In this example we will convert PDF to Word.

     2. Download the converted file and open it in Word or Open Office. 

     3. Delete the pages you don’t need and just leave the page you want to save.

If you are not sure how to do it, there is a guide on how to delete a page in Word.