How to screenshot on Windows 10

A screenshot is an image of the screen that you take when you want to show someone what you see on it. Taking screenshots is possible on both mobile and desktop devices. Here we will show you how to screenshot on Windows 10.

Although this is a basic task that usually everyone knows to do, with newer versions of Windows always come new ways of taking screenshots. That’s why we will list different ways to screenshot on Windows 10.

How to screenshot only a part of your screen

If you want to take a snap of a certain part of your screen, you can use Microsoft’s old Snipping Tool. But in addition to that Snip & Sketch app was introduced in Windows 10. Both Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch has the same purpose. Let’s see the difference between the way of usage.

Flexible Screenshots with Snipping Tool (old way)

Open the Snipping Tool by typing “Snipping” in the search box and clicking on New to take a screenshot. By default the app takes a screenshot of rectangular shape. In addition to the screenshot of the full screen and the rectangular screenshot, you can also choose the free-form snap.  

What is useful to know, you need to save your screenshot by yourself. If you turn off the program, the screenshot won’t be saved. You can save your screenshot as MHTML file or an image and even share it with a friend by email.

What is different between Snipping tool in Windows 10 and older versions of Windows, it that Windows 10 version has a Delay option. This option allows capturing tooltips and pop-up menus. In other words, it captures screenshots that require mouse movements.
To do this, just click on Delay and then choose the number of seconds depending on how long you want to postpone until the screenshot is taken. You can delay up to 5 seconds.

New way of taking screenshots with Snip & Sketch

Snip & Sketch tool was introduced in Windows 10 and you can find it in the search box by typing its name. You can also find it in the Action Center, there is a Screen snip button. Also, if you like keyboard shortcuts, press the Windows key and shift S and the screenshot area will show up immediately.

When the Snip & Sketch tool starts you can select the type of screenshot you would like to take. Similar to Snipping tool, you can make screenshots in full screen, free form or a rectangular shape. Also, there is delay option and you can postpone taking the screenshot for up to 10 seconds. 

When the screenshot is made, you will see the annotation options including pen, pencil and similar. You can also copy the screenshot to clipboard.

How to screenshot the whole screen with Print Screen 

Another old way to take a screenshot is to use the keyboard shortcut PrintScreen. This is the quickest way of snapping a screenshot but you need to paste it somewhere in an image editor, like Microsoft Paint. Once you paste the screenshot in Paint, you can either save the file as it is or make additional changes.

What is good about paint is that you can choose the file format in which you want to save the screenshot.

If you like Snip & Sketch, you can change the keyboard settings and make the Print Screen button to open the app. Just find the option Ease of Access in the Settings menu and then Keyboard.

Use Print Screen Key With OneDrive

If you use One Drive you can store screenshots you take with Print Screen options directly in the cloud. Just check the OneDrive Settings and select the option Automatically Save Screenshots. Then choose to Capture to OneDrive. In this way, you won’t need to copy the screenshot to the clipboard, to open an image editor and paste the screenshot there. Just press the Print Screen key and your screenshot will be saved in OneDrive. You will see the notification and when you click on it, you will see the folder where the screenshot has been saved.

How to Screenshot on Windows 10 with Game Bar

Those who play games probably know that it is possible to screenshot images or videos of the game play. So if you Xbox you can check its settings and see if the option “Take screenshots using Game DVR” is enabled. Choose any keyboard shortcut you like ad next time you want to take a screenshot, just use it.

You can also use default combination which is Windows key and G key, to open the Game Bar. Click on the Yes button to confirm that this is a game running. The final thing to do is to press Windows, Alt and Print Screen. You will be notified that the screenshot is taken.

What is your favorite way to take a screenshot?