How to Insert a PDF into a Word Document

Regardless of your job occupation, document management is an inevitable part of every work day. If you often work with MS Office documents such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you probably know that there is an option to insert different objects into that document. Not only can you add illustrations and tables, but you can also add images and PDF documents. It is particularly convenient when you want to add data from a different document. Since most documents are preserved in PDF, converting that PDF to Word and then copying the data in Word document you are working with, can result in losing the formatting. Moreover, it can altering the formatting of the working document as well. For that reason, it is more safe to insert PDF into Word. To do so you just need to follow the instructions below:

Insert PDF into Word

Open a Word document you are working with and click on the Insert menu. It is placed next to the Home menu.

ms word insert menu

Click on the Object button and then on Create from File tab. You will find Object button in the Text tab as shown on the image below.

insert pdf into word

When you open the Object window, it will look like this:

insert a pdf into a word


Locate the PDF file you want to insert, by clicking the Browse button. Finally, click OK to insert PDF into Word document.

Although Microsoft Word 2016 has been used for the purpose of this guide, the same principle can work with other MS Word program versions. The look of older versions of Microsoft Word may differ but the options are pretty the same. This useful tip can be applied to different types of document management tasks, for both business and personal use. It is never enough learning of new skills, no matter how experienced you are!