Microsoft templates for effortless college preparation

Microsoft templates are premade document layouts you can use to save time when creating a report, resume, presentations, brochures and so on. If you like to use MS Office you probably know how their templates can be a time-saver. Various businesses, freelancers, stay-at-home moms use Microsoft templates to create different documents. Templates are available in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. If you are a college student or you are about to apply for college, you should check out these Microsoft templates that we have prepared for you.

Whether you are a freshman-to-be or a senior college student, you know how much time you need to spend on studying, searching for colleges, applying and visiting different universities. With all these chores you have, it would be nice to learn that you can save some time and effort for a college preparation.

In this article, we have created for you a list of Microsoft templates you can download and use to prepare for your first day of college.

Benefits of Microsoft Office for students

Microsoft Office applications can be of great help to students, especially those new features that were recently introduced. For instance, if you are an Office 365 user or you have MS Office 2016 on a Mac computer, you can use the Focus Mode in Microsoft Word when you are writing a research paper or generally when you are working in MS Word.

Microsoft Excel is also great for students because it can help with data visualization and studying. If you are struggling with numbers, statistics and other complex data, you can make charts and graphs in Excel which will help you better understand the matter. Not to mention that you can create compelling charts for your research project or presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint is already famous for presentations but why not create a summary of your lesson so you can better learn it and memorize it? When you are studying for exams, you can elaborate every lesson in PowerPoint and the day before an exam you can go through the slides and revise what you have learned.

Digital signatures in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are another great benefit for students that like to use digital pens. You can choose a pen type, pressure sensitivity and color of the ink.

Microsoft templates for future college students

Calendar for scheduling college visits (Excel)

If you plan to visit different colleges before you decide which one you will enroll, it may happen that you forget a scheduled visit or you confuse one visit with another. To prevent this, you can use this calendar to write and organize all college visits and make a plan of your trips.

Scholarship budget plan (Excel)

Whether you’ve got a scholarship or a loan, you should better have a plan how you will save money. This budget plan helps you keep track of all debts and expenses, so you can more easily control on what you spend money. Furthermore, this template helps you save money to pay off the loan or a scholarship.

College comparison tracker (Excel)

If you cannot make up your mind what college to choose, you can use this Microsoft template to list all the pros and cons of each university/college. When everything is so neatly presented it won’t take too long before you make a final decision.

College packing list (Word)

Are you ready for college? Leaving your hometown and going to a college town for the first time means you need to prepare well. You will definitely need to make a list of what you will bring and it won’t be short. This college packing list template can help, especially because you can find a bunch of ideas in there. Of course, you can easily delete or add some, and don’t forget to tick a box of every item you pack.

Daily routine checklist (Excel)

When you are a freshman, you may feel lost or simply unorganized. All of a sudden you need to handle everything by yourself, including taking care of food, laundry, getting used to the new environment and people, and studying. It is good to set up a daily routine so you don’t miss anything and have a better look of your accomplishments. This Microsoft Excel template can help you track your daily chores and stay productive and healthy.

College application essay

This kind of a template is better to download directly on the website of the college where you want to apply. The applications can differ in terms of formatting and data.

Microsoft templates for current college students

Student Academic self-assessment (Word)

This template can be very useful to senior students who have finished at least one year of studies. You can write an honest assessment about your previous year at the college and see how you can improve your success and generally be a better student.

Deadline spreadsheet with progress tracker (Excel)

When you have a lot of exams going on and deadlines to deliver projects, there is no better way to track your progress than with this Excel template. Here you can set up priority tasks, start and due dates, status info, and what ‘s more, when your task is done the spreadsheet will be updated automatically.

Student assignment planner (Excel)

Similar to the previous template, this student assignment planner is good for keeping track of your deadlines. Here you have a calendar so you can see the assignments and deadlines for the whole month.

Academic presentation (PowerPoint)

PowerPoint is great for any kind of presentation and this template is tailored for college students. Spend more time writing and researching content for your presentation and less time on formatting PowerPoint slides.

Party invitation flyer (Word)

Student life is not just studying and attending lectures. Sometimes you just need to have fun! This party invitation flyer is so nice that no one will ignore your invitation. You can spend more time on organization of the party and less time on making party flyers.

Student report template (Word)

You can use this template to write a college essay or a term paper. It is well formatted so you just need to follow the instructions explained in the template.

Microsoft templates for all college students

Monthly college expense budget (Excel)

This Excel budget template is a must-have for every college student. You can track all your college expenses, categorize them, and you can also list your income sources. The template is designed in a way it gives you a clear image of your budget that is presented in charts.

Monthly college budget (Excel)

The difference between the previous template and this one is that here you can see your expenses and income for the whole year. It is a table with all the necessary information for each month. You can also see a chart that will show the trends from month to month.

College course manager (Excel)

This is an all-in-one college manager where you can track your course schedule, including lectures, book lists, credits and grades. It can be a regular timetable but also a budget tracker and grade tracker.

Academic calendar (Excel)

A digital calendar designed for keeping records of your academic year. You can fill in the dates and make notes, so your college days are better organized and controlled.

These are all Microsoft templates that you need to get ready for college. It is up to you which ones you will actually use, but rest assured your college preparation doesn’t need to be so stressful and hard.