The Online Toolbox for College Students

If you’re a current or prospective college student, the new chapter in your life can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. You’ll come face-to-face with new challenges, whether it has to do with your studies, your social life, or your personal life. Fortunately, the web has provided online tools for students, for every problem.

That’s why we’ve made up a list of 105 of the best resources from around the web that can make your college life a whole lot easier. If you’re looking to manage your time, money and resources wisely, you’ll find a handful of sites from which you can benefit.

In order for your college experience to go smoothly, there are a few essentials that you’ll need first. Here, we concentrate on the essentials that have to do with planning your educational career (financing, online educational options) and starting out on that first day (computer hardware, textbooks, and software).

Financial Aid

Financial Aid for College Students

1) Upromise

If you need financing for your college education then Upromise can help. The idea revolves around utilizing the purchasing power of your parents, relatives, and other students to make it easier for you to pay your education.

2) Fast Web

The site covers almost everything a college student needs with regards to financing. It includes sections for scholarships, financial aid, colleges, as well as some discussions about college life.


This is the official website to visit if you need Federal student aid. Visit the site and determine your eligibility for this financing option.

4) Sallie Mae®

Sallie Mae is one of the most credible providers when it comes to student loans. In addition to loans, Sallie Mae also handles various types of college savings plans.

5) Wells Fargo

This particular bank is noted for its student-friendly loans. Wells Fargo lends out educational loans for parents, undergraduates, and graduate students.

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Online Education

6) Open Culture

Online Education

The world is increasingly becoming globalized. Open Culture lets you explore other philosophies, lifestyles, and cultures around the world using educational media such as videos, online courses, and podcasts.

7) World Wide Learn

Online colleges and universities that will help you get a degree program on the internet. It contains more than 16,700 degrees that can be earned online.


A comprehensive listing of campus-based and online colleges. The site is particularly useful for international students as it provides information about each US state as well.

9) Guide To Online Schools

Essentially, this is an educational directory that focuses on distance learning, online degrees, and internet-based schools.

10) Top 10 Universities With Free Courses Online

You may still be uncomfortable with the thought of getting a degree from an internet-based institution. Well, this list addresses that concern — it features campus-based institutions which give free courses online.

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Textbook ResourcesTextbook Resources

11) Alibris

Alibris is an online marketplace for independent book sellers. Here you can find a number of new and used books.

12) Project Gutenberg

If you need convenience, check out Project Gutenberg. This site catalogues nearly over 100,000 titles — free, online and downloadable. You can read your book right from the desktop or on the go.

13) CampusBooks

The best thing about this site is that you get to compare prices on over 8 million new and used college textbooks with a few clicks for the best deal.

14) Direct Textbook

Just fill in the search fields on this site to find textbooks and even sell your own while you’re at it.


On, you can find not only used and new books, but rare, out of print and international books as well.

16) AbeBooks

“Cheap, Fast, Easy” — the first words that stand out on this online marketplace for books. In addition to great deals, this site is set up like a community and even lists top ten sellers in case you need a book for that off-time, leisure read!

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Free Software: Online Tools for Students

Free Software

17) eNotes

Very useful for students. This educational resource is also used by teachers and contains thousands of literature study guides, lesson plans, literary criticism, and a vibrant community.

18) OneNote

A free note-taking app developed by Microsoft. Convenient for students, for capturing online research with a click, for making outlined notes from lectures and in addition to that, students can make voice notes.

19) Zoho

If you haven’t heard, Zoho is a popular online suite of applications you can use for creating documents, projects, spreadsheets and much, much more. Check it out.


Looking for a free desktop suite? Try It’s the number one free alternative to proprietary software like Microsoft Office.

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Cheap Computer Hardware SitesCheap Computer Hardware Sites

21) offers great deals for everyone. Excess inventory, closeouts, rare computer components, and manufacturer closeouts can all be found here.

22) is a popular site that helps every college student when it comes to computers, computer parts, software, PC games and more.

23) BestBuy

BestBuy is one of the leading consumer electronic sellers in the country. Browsing the site will yield a lot of good finds for students from all levels.

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When you get into the swing of things at school, papers and assignments will soon weigh you down. These online tools  for students can make learning experience go much smoother and with less stress.

studying toolsLearning Sites, Academic Materials and Studying Tools

24) Chegg Study

Cramster is one of the best places that can help you with your math, science, engineering and business homework. They provide handy lecture notes, formula sheets and course outlines.

25) Khan Academy

Described as a free academy with trusted content and personalized learning, Khan Academy lives up to its name with its thorough list of materials.

26) World Lecture Hall

If you’re looking for course materials from a popular university from another country, then World Lecture Hall is the right place for you. It gives free online course materials from around the world.

27) Study Guides and Strategies

Provides a complete resource of study guides, strategies, skills, tips and habits for learners and students in 30 languages.

28) Merlot

Looking for more? Here’s a collection of selected higher education, online learning material accessible from Merlot. Get free access to a number of learning aids to help you get the grades.

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Reference Sources and Materials for College StudentsReference Sources and Materials

29) Merriam-Webster

The paper edition of the Merriam Webster dictionary is used throughout the world. Well, there’s no need to turn those pages anymore because the info you need can be accessed in a click of a mouse.

30) The Free Dictionary

One of the most comprehensive free dictionaries in the world. You can find here English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Polish,  Norwegian, Turkish, Greek, Medical, Legal and Financial Dictionaries, as well as Thesaurus,  Acronyms, Abbreviations, Encyclopedia, Idioms, a Literature Reference Library and a search engine. It is truly an all in one solution!


Known as the largest free online dictionary and audio pronunciation, you can literally know everything from this site.

32) OttoBib

References and bibliographies are a must in creating research papers. Students who struggle with this will no longer find it a problem when they use OttoBib.


Do you need to access encyclopedic information? Then is the site for you. Find information on a wide range of topics.

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tech tips and tricks for studentsTech Tips and Tricks

34) CNET Tips & Tricks

CNET is one of the top sites when it comes to technology. Composed of die-hard techies, the website provides how-to’s, tips, tricks, and techniques on every tech topic imaginable.

35) Online Education Database

Specifically geared towards college and graduate students, this database contains 27 applications, resources, and tools that can help any student become more productive.

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Career GuidanceCareer Guidance

At one point or another, the number one question on every college student’s mind is, what am I going to do once I’ve graduated? It can be daunting to find yourself out of school without a prospective career, let alone employment opportunities. That’s why we’ve included this category.

36) Career Know How

Helps you find a job in today’s competitive workplace by giving you the right information and know-how for the application process.

37) Quint Essential

Quintessential Careers is an all-around source for tools, tips and professional advice about practically anything career-wise.

38) Career Builder

Specifically designed to help its visitors learn which type of job will suit them, their interests and their personality.

39) Way Up

As its name implies, Way Up helps you to find the perfect internship no matter where you are in the country and what type of career you are looking to break into.

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Employment ResourcesEmployment Resources

40) JobShark

After your college experience, the next step is usually finding a job. JobShark is an online recruiting site that fits your qualifications with the appropriate job opening.

41) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a renowned social networking site for professionals. What most people don’t know is that it can also be used as a tool to network with companies and find a job.

42) College Central

College Central is a popular college career network where you can upload and update your CV, cover letter, portfolio, and more. It matches students with recruiters seeking qualified candidates.

43) Employment Guide

In essence, the material found here offers thorough guidelines in helping you find employment opportunities after college.

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Human ResourcesHuman Resources

44) Job Interview Tips

As you’re probably expecting, this page provides job interview tips for fresh graduates who have no previous interview experience. Those who are having a hard time getting hired can benefit from it as well.

45) Geek Interview

Don’t waste your chance to impress your potential employer. Be sure to come prepared during the interview or your efforts just might come down to nothing.

46) Visual CV

If you’re still looking for a way to get that desired interview, Visual CV might be the solution to your concerns.

47) Resume and CV Resources for Job-Seekers

This site provides free resume-writing and resume-strategy resources for job-seekers in both the work and academic fields.


Has comprehensive resume writing resources that let your curricular vitae stand out from the rest.

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Let’s face it. College life isn’t all about studying. It’s also a lifestyle. And in honour of that, here are some popular websites and resources that’ll help make your college experience a fun one.


49) StudentCity

For some, traveling is an important part of education. StudentCity helps students celebrate their college years through travel.


Whether you are a student or not, you must have heard about the world’s most popular website with funny images and gifs. It’s a perfect website for those who are bored, sad or just need to relax.

51) JimmyR

This site compiles all the popular news from all over the web. Find the latest in news, videos, pictures, science, technology and more.

52) WAYN

WAYN has a narrower focus as it essentially caters to people interested in lifestyle and travel.

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Popular Social Sites for College StudentsPopular Social Sites for College Students

53) Alumni Online

Socialize with your school’s alumni for insight, words of wisdom or just plain networking.

54) Meetup

This is a free, public, international social network offering possibility to create or to join interest groups based on your preferences and location. Students with same learning needs can meetup and share their knowledge and experience.

55) Stunited

Stunited connects you with other students, helps you find available scholarships, courses, job consultancies for students, post your photos, videos, start discussions or get help with studying.


This site lets you find a friend or high school alumni from its database of over 40 million people.

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Student Tips and Related ArticlesStudent Tips and Related Articles


This is another blog that deals with college life. Personal experiences are minimal, but it contains a lot of tips.

58) Gearfire

Described as a student productivity and organization blog, Gearfire has a large resource of fun articles contributed by other students on how to do well in school.

59) CollegeBoard

This is a not-for-profit organization whose core mission is to provide students and graduates the opportunities to attain success.

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