Why You Should Go Paperless with PDF Converter Elite

Some people see saving the planet and environment as a necessity and some see it as a trend. There are a lot of ways to contribute to ecology protection, and one way that is at the same time related to technology is to go paperless. The increasing use of paper is considered to be one of the great dangers that threaten our environment. So turning to digital is not just an increasingly popular trend, but rather a means of protecting the environment.

The first thing you do when you decide to go paperless is scan all your documents and get rid of papers, then start using e-banking and managing documents digitally. Not only will you help the environment and save a tree or two, you will also have all your documents stored on a computer – which can be viewed as a productivity trick, because you’ll be able to find data and documents much faster searching on the computer than searching through a pile of papers.

So, you’re probably asking yourself – how is PDF Converter related to this story? Well, once you go digital, you need to manage documents electronically, and you will certainly deal with documents in PDF format. There is a reason for that – PDF is the most popular file format because it keeps the format and the document’s data intact. But there is one catch: if you want to edit the document, you will need a converter that converts PDF files to editable file formats, because the PDF itself is difficult to modify.

It also works the other way around. If you happen to work in an editable document (MS Office, for example) and you are expected to send that document in PDF for easier viewing, you can quickly do it using the PDF Converter’s PDF creation option.

Situation one: You decided to go paperless, so you scanned your papers, but after some time you wanted to edit an old scanned document.

How can PDF Converter help you edit the scanned PDF? It’s good to know that not all PDF conversion tools have OCR technology which is necessary for scanned PDF conversion. Those that do have OCR included, such as the PDF Converter, are very valuable because they can save you time that you would otherwise need to spend retyping old documents from scratch.

Situation two: You have multiple PDF documents you want to edit and the thought of having to convert them one by one makes you frustrated.

Is there a quicker way to do that than to convert files one by one? Yes, there is, and it is called batch conversion. By choosing the batch conversion option you will be able to turn multiple PDF documents to chosen editable MS Office format and save time.

Situation three: You want to keep your documents confidential. When you used to have paper documents, it was easy to keep them safe – you just locked them in your desk.

Is there a way to keep your documents safe in the digital world? Yes, there is; again, the PDF Converter can help you with that. It offers PDF creation, both secure and non-secure, so it is actually possible to create a secure, password-protected PDF document and to set up permission settings according to your needs.

Situation four: You want to edit some PDF tables. If you had that document in paper form, you could have written additional data with a pen, but you already went paperless.

Is there a way to add new columns and rows in your PDF tables as quickly as with a pen? Yes. Again, some PDF converters really don’t let you change your mind about going paperless. But this PDF converter provides a lot of flexibility. For example, it includes a feature called custom PDF to Excel conversion and it lets you edit your PDF before the actual conversion even starts.

Now it is clearer why PDF converters, especially PDF Converter Elite, are also perceived as tools for ecology protection. The paperless trend is only one small part of the environment protection initiative, but it is still important and people contribute to the cause by using digital documents instead of papers, which can only help our planet and all of us in the long run.

photo credit: FreeImages.com/ jaylopez