PDF Search Engines – The Ultimate List

When searching for specific types of documents on the Internet, sometimes you need a search engine that is specifically tailored to find exactly what you are looking for on the Internet. When your search is very specific, you will probably need to turn to niche-specific search engines that will allow you to search for exactly what you are seeking in a more accurate and focused way.

If you are a big fan of E-books and various other documents that are usually presented in PDF file formats – such as tutorials, instruction manuals and other things of that nature – there are many niche-specific search engines out there that will help you in your searches.

Here is a list of some of the best PDF search engines on the Internet. It should be made clear that these are not sites for illegal downloads, rather, search engines that will help you find all of the various free e-books, tutorials, magazines and other PDF files that are published on the Internet for free viewing and non-commercial purposes.


1) Find PDF Doc

A comprehensive PDF search engine, very useful for finding PDF ebooks, sheets, forms, documents, and novels for differing categories like business, education, finance and programming manuals.

2) FreeFullPDF

Here you can download scientific publications for free. You can choose among life sciences, health sciences, physics sciences, mathematics, social sciences and humanities.

3) PDF Downloads

PDF Database is one of the newer, faster and more efficient PDF search engines on the Web.

4) PDFSearch Engine.net

This search engine will search sites, forums and various message boards for PDF files and free e-books.

5) eBook Lobby

An online database for a variety of free ebooks from arts and photography up to travel and sports.

6) Free eBooks

A comprehensive list of free ebooks from new, rising or independent authors. There are hundreds of titles, including fiction, non-fiction, science, romance, classics or just about any genre you can think of.

7) pdf-mags.com

One of the most in-depth and focus sites related to PDF searches. You find links and information about over 250 free PDF magazines from around the world that span every possible field of interest.

8) FindPDF

This is another PDF search engine that helps you to find PDF documents available on the web. Furthermore, it lets you share and store your own PDFs while giving you the option to search through over 250 million different PDF articles, books and tutorials.

9) Ebook Networking

Once of the absolute biggest search engines for e-books. It offers you the option of looking at a list of words and phrases that are most commonly searched by other visitors.

10) Printfu

This site lets you search printable PDF documents and articles. If you’re looking for a downloadable PDF manual, handbook, instruction manual, e-book download or any other free PDF documents or digital articles Print Fu can help you.

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