How to Remove Formatting in Word

When writing in MS Word you are usually more focused on the content than on the technicalities. What you write is more important than how you write it, what font do you use for different content sections. That is the first phase of the work. But when the content is finished and the images are added, the only thing left to do is to improve the look of the document. To do so, you need to format the text in a way every part of the text fits with the rest of the document. It often happens that the text doesn’t have the same font, especially if you copied the information from another document or internet. The quickest way to fix the document is to clear formatting. Here is how you can remove formatting in Word so you can format it again.

Clear Formatting in Microsoft Word (for all versions)

First thing first, select the part of the text where you want to remove formatting in Word. If you want to clear formatting of the whole text, use Select All option. Press CTRL and A keys on the keyboard, or click on the Select button in the right top corner of Word document and click on Select All.

select all

If you want to select a particular part of the text, you can do it with the mouse- click on the left mouse side and drag the cursor where you want to select it.

The next and the final step is to click on this button  clear all formatting to clear all formatting. You can find this option in the Font tab.

remove formatting in word

This option has pretty much the same steps in every version of Word. But sometimes you may experience issues when you want to remove formatting in Word If you use different styles in your text and apply clear formatting, it will work only for the selected style. In order to clear formatting for all styles, click on the right bottom arrow in the Styles section.

remove formatting in word styles

There are parts of the document that won’t be changed, and this clear formatting option doesn’t work for them. In other words, you need to clear formatting for these sections separately: header content, footer content, content in text boxes.

Bonus: How to Clear Formatting in Google Docs

Google Docs is widely known as an alternative for Microsoft Word. If you happen to use Google Docs sometimes, and you need to clear formatting, here’s how to do it.

Select the text in the same way we explained above. Either press keys CTRL and A or use the left mouse click. Then click on the last button in the Google Docs toolbar .

It cannot be easier!