Ten Tutorials to Master MS Excel 2010

For all you spreadsheet users out there who have decided to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Excel 2010, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of sites that can help you make the transition to the updated program as painless as possible.

Whether you are completely new to Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet program or you are upgrading from the 2003 or 2007 version to the latest 2010 edition, there are a number of sites out there to help you find your way around the new program.

Here are ten of the best online tutorials for learning Excel 2010.

1. Official Microsoft Office Tutorials

Of course, the best place to start is Microsoft’s own site. They offer an online tutorial course for free that will show you the basics of the new Excel program in under 40 minutes. You can also download the course and study it offline as well. Once you’ve learned the essentials, there are many more tips and tutorials to be found on Microsoft’s site that will help you master the program.

2. Excel-2010

A very in-depth tutorial with lots of pictures that will help in explaining all of Excel 2010’s new features visually. There is a menu on the right side of the page with dozens of topics that will help you find exactly what you are looking for very quickly.

3. About Spreadsheets

This site offers a two-part tutorial for Excel 2010 that features not only helpful pictures, but very clear and concise step-by-step instructions for using the program’s many different functions.

4. Addictive Tips

Just by doing a quick search of this site’s archives, you will be able to find many different articles related to Excel 2010. The site offers many useful tips and explains Excel 2010 features very thoroughly. You can learn how to use pivot tables, hyperlinks, chart and graphs, macros, camera functions, and even import and access web data sheets via Excel 2010 through this site’s helpful tutorials.

5. MS Office Tutorial Training

One of the better organized tutorials on the site, this Excel 2010 tutorial gives you a variety of information that is conveniently divided into three sections: Getting Started, Excel 2010 Essentials, and Formulas and Functions.

6. GCF Learn Free

One of the most thorough tutorial sites on the Internet, GCF has a fantastic Excel 2010 tutorial as well. The site offers in-depth lessons on all things Excel, but also includes very helpful videos is you are more of a visual learner. They site also offers Excel 2010 tutorial apps for Android and iPhones.

7. A4 Accounting

With a vast collection of Excel tips, this blog helps you excel your tackling with spreadsheets. Learn how to automatically fill a column with a custom list of names, how to line up multiple sheets in the same worksheet and much more.

8. Easy Excel Tutorial

The name really says it all. This site has easy Excel tutorials that are very informative. The site is very well designed and the content is easy to follow and detailed. The tutorials are divided into three sections once again: Excel Basics, Excel Functions, and Excel Data Analysis, which should give you more than you need to get started with the program.

9. Excel 2010 Tips and Shortcuts

Here’s a PDF that you can download and use when needed. Here you can learn how to fill data by using a custom fill series, manage names by using name dialog box, sort data and more.

10. Spreadsheeto: In-depth Excel tutorials

Spreadsheeto is a brand-new site launched in January 2016. This site aims to teach users Excel through in-depth and updated tutorials for Excel 2016. Be sure to bookmark it, as they frequently release new tutorials!

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