Three Ways to Save PDF As JPEG

Being cross-platform files as they are, both PDF and JPEG are very popular. They can be open on any computer, no matter what operating system in question. It is highly recommended to use PDF files, when you deal with text documents or documents with vector images. Otherwise, you can use JPEG format. JPEG files take less space comparing to other image formats, but their quality suffers as well. Anyway, JPEG files are good to use then you need to upload images to a website or when you deal with non-textual documents. If you want to extract an image from your PDF and use it elsewhere, just save PDF as JPEG and edit JPEG file with any image editor.

How can I convert PDF to JPEG

Here we will present three different ways to convert PDF to JPEG, for every situation. When you at home, you can use your desktop computer and the program PDF Converter Elite to convert a PDF to JPEG, when you are on a business trip with your laptop and you don’t have the required program installed on it, you can use online tool and lastly, use mobile app when you are on the go and need urgently to convert a PDF.

  1. Desktop: For this first way to save PDF as JPEG, you will need to download PDF Converter Elite. Once you’ve installed PCE on your desktop computer, run the program and click the Open file to locate a PDF. The next step is to click on Image button and from the right side panel, choose one of three selection options. You can select the area, the whole file or specific pages only. In the mage format section, choose .jpg as the Output file. Finally, click the Convert button.

Advantage: there is a set of options you can adjust, such as image dimension, scale and image quality. You don’t need to have internet connection.

Disadvantage: if you are far away from your computer, you won’t have access to this program.

  1. Online: Tools that don’t require any installation are very convenient, especially for simpler files and conversions. If you don’t have too much space on your computer, to download a desktop program or you take a lightweight laptop with you on a business trip, this online PDF to JPEG solution will come in handy.

Advantage: You don’t need to have a program installed on your machine. You can use it on any computer.

Disadvantage: You don’t have an option to set up the image quality, size and scale. You need internet connection.

  1. Mobile: If you prefer mobile apps and if you enjoy using your mobile phone for business-like activities, try PDF to JPG app that has pretty much the same functionality as previous two solutions.

Advantage: It’s pretty remotely, you can use it anywhere as long as you bring a phone with you.

Disadvantage: You need to have internet and if your phone is out of memory you won’t be able to install the app.

As you can see, all these options have some advantages and disadvantages. Lastly, it’s up to you what solution you will choose, depending on the gadgets you possess and the situation you are in.