Online Tools for Millennials that Want to Invest Money

Have you already heard of the term millennial? Maybe you haven’t, even though you are a part of it – the generation of those born between 1982 and 2004, in the era of digital. That’s why millennials are often closely related to technology and social media. Technology is a part of every aspect of their lives, both personal and business.

Given the fact that millennials rely on technology so much, they certainly benefit from the fact that over the years numerous tech tools have been created for practically every task you can imagine. Whether you need a tool for teachers, students or for personal finance, you can find a wide range of suitable programs. With so many online tools on the market, tools for investment make quite a portion of them.

Millennials interested in stock market also use technology for their money investing activities. So here are some tools that can help millennials in investment monitoring.

Personal Finance Investment Advisor

SigFig gives you advice on money investing and it is claimed to be the best option for do-it yourself investors. It helps you find the most suitable portfolio for you, and it makes investment monitoring effortless.

Money Manager Tool

Mint helps you master your finance management. It manages all your investment accounts and compares your portfolio with market benchmarks so you can invest your money wisely.

Social Media Tool for Traders

StockTwits is a number one social network for investors. It gives you fresh news from the stock market  and the latest trade tips. As a millennial, you probably love social media because you can easily catch up on the latest trends.

Document Management Tool

PDF to Excel online tool enables editing your finance data locked in PDF. Whether it is a native or scanned PDF, you can turn your stock charts and other financial documents in Excel spreadsheet where you will be able to edit your finance data.

Stock Screener Tool

Stock Screener is a must-have tool for finding stocks and checking out their prices. You can choose the industry, sales revenue, profit margin, and other share data necessary to find the best stock for your needs.

What kind of investment tool do you use?