Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for PDF Converter Elite

pdf converter elite shortcutsKeyboard shortcuts are a handy feature to have in any application. As a matter of fact, many computer users choose to interact with different online and desktop applications using the keyboard. That is why we provided a set of shortcuts you can use for creating, converting and editing PDF documents with PDF Converter Elite.

Keyboard shortcuts can be true time-savers if you are aware of them. All shortcuts available for PDF Converter Elite are prominently displayed in the application itself. You can find them next to each command on the six dropdown menus of the Menu bar.

For your convenience, listed below are keyboard shortcuts for the 10 most used options in PDF Converter Elite 3.

pdf converter elite shortcuts

1. Open file

Use Ctrl + O to bring up the Open dialog in a split second and choose the file that you want to open and convert, be it a PDF document, .tiff, .bmp or .jpeg.

2. Create PDF

Just press Alt + C on your keyboard and choose a document in virtually any Windows file format to convert to PDF.

3. Select All Pages

Ctrl + A is a widely-used and handy shortcut for selecting all pages of the active document in PDF Converter Elite, no matter how long that PDF may be.

4. Convert PDF to Microsoft Word

If you frequently use the PDF to Word conversion option in PDF Converter Elite, then Ctrl + D is the keyboard shortcut you will want to memorize.

5. Convert PDF to Microsoft Excel

PDF to Excel is the most used conversion option in PDF Converter Elite. The shortcut for all of you who need this conversion often is Ctrl + E.

6. Batch Conversion

Hit Ctrl + V and select multiple PDFs to convert into the desired format.

7. Crop Pages

Do pages in your opened and active PDF have too much white space around? If the answer is “yes,” you may want to crop the margins. Simply press Alt + X on your keyboard and the dialog for cropping pages will appear.

8. Merge PDF

Alt + M is the keyboard shortcut for merging multiple PDF documents into one.

9. Go to Page

Ctrl + G is a very useful shortcut to quickly navigate PDFs with lots of pages.

10. Close application

Done managing your PDFs for now? Then use Ctrl + Q and exit PDF Converter Elite.

Bonus shortcut

OK, here’s one more shortcut for all our satisfied users. If you like PDF Converter Elite and find it useful, then, please, before you close PCE down for the day, hit F3 and tell your friends about it!