Top Free Unit Converter Apps for Android

Unit converterstop android unit converter apps are very handy tools and ones that you never know when you will need. There are many unit converter apps to be found online, but mobile app developers have taken unit conversion on smart phones one step further.

As a result, there are some great unit converter apps for smartphones that can make converting units on the go a snap. Whether you’re a travelling business person who needs a currency conversion, a private business owner ordering from abroad, or a cook reading a foreign recipe and needing to convert some measurements, here are some great, free unit converters for Android-based smartphone owners.

convertpad android app1) ConvertPad

ConvertPad is not only one of the most powerful free unit conversion apps available, but it is also one of the easiest to use. The user interface is very clean and easy to navigate, and it supports thousands of unit conversions, over 150 currencies and over 20 different languages.

2) Unit Converter

Unit Converter is another unit converter with a very sleek and simple-to-use design. The best thing about it is that you can set it up to only show you the units that you convert the most so you don’t have to wade through a lot of clutter to find what you’re looking for.


best android unit converter3) Sira Unit Converter

Sira Unit Converter is a converter that converts length, area, weight, volume, exchange rate, bitcoin, temperature, time, speed, shoes, clothing, hat, ring, illuminance and much more.


4) Digit grove Unit Converter

Digit Grove Unit Converter – The conversion features of this app are impressive since it has more than 12700 unit conversions. It also has a real time currency converter as well as time zone calculator, math and finance calculator and much more.


recipe conversion android app5) Red Binary Recipe Convert Free

Red Binary Recipe Convert Free is the ultimate unit converter for the kitchen. If you need recipe unit conversions done like grams to cups or temperature conversions to know how hot your oven needs to be, you can’t go wrong with this app.


6) Kalyani Metrics Conversion

Kalyani Metrics Conversion – If you are looking for the best unit converter for handling conversions from US standard to metrics, look no further. It is also very simple to use and fast.


convertpad android app7) Martijn te Molder Conversion Calculator

Martijn te Molder Conversion Calculator is another fast and well-designed app for all your basic conversion needs like speed, length, time, area, volume, weight, pressure and temperature.


8) aevumsoft handyConverter

Aevumsoft Unit Converter is a very thorough unit converter which converts over 2,000 of the most common units. One of the great things about it is that results show up as you type and no need to press any additioal buttons to see them.

These might be some of the best, but there are many more unit conversion apps available for Android phones. What are some of your favorite ones?