How To Do Almost Anything with PDF

how to guide to PDF

50 Answers, Solutions and Tips

The Portable Document Format (PDF) has become the standard for viewing and sharing e-documents. The PDF software that lets users create, view and share these documents is extremely powerful and can perform a multitude of tasks. Here are 50 very helpful how-to tips to help you use the PDF format to its fullest extent:

how to convert to pdf

Convert to PDF

  1. Word to PDF
  2. Excel to PDF
  3. PowerPoint to PDF
  4. CHM to PDF
  5. Text to PDF

  6. Convert to a PDF
  7. HTML to PDF
  8. Flash to PDF
  9. DWG to PDF
  10. JPG to PDF
  11. TIFF to PDF
how to convert from pdf

Convert from PDF

  1. PDF to Word
  2. PDF to Docx
  3. PDF to PowerPoint
  4. PDF to ODT
  5. PDF to HTML

  6. PDF to Publisher File
  7. PDF to Flash
  8. PDF to JPEG
  9. Image PDF
pdf editing tips

Edit PDF

  1. Add a PDF file
  2. Bookmark PDF
  3. Compare PDF files
  4. Copy PDF text
  5. How to Delete

  6. Download PDF
  7. Edit in PDF
  8. Email PDF
  9. Embed PDF
  10. Export to Excel

  11. Export to PDF
  12. Extract PDF
  13. Fill PDF form
  14. Format PDF
  15. Improve PDF

  16. Link PDF
  17. Lock PDF
  18. Merge PDF
  19. Password Protect
  20. Print PDF files

  21. Read a PDF file
  22. Reduce file size
  23. Save as PDF
  24. Save PDF
  25. Scan to PDF

  26. Search PDF
  27. Split PDF
  28. Unlock PDF
  29. Watermark PDF
  30. View a PDF