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How to Add a PDF File

For some projects or assignments, users may need to add a PDF file to another PDF. This is useful when you need to send additional files alongside your business proposal or presentation without the hassle of re-writing, cutting or pasting your original content.

PDF Converter Elite and Adobe Acrobat offer a couple of ways to do this.

By using PDF Converter Elite you can insert a whole PDF or only specific pages of one PDF document into another PDF.

With Adobe Acrobat you can create a PDF Portfolio that will allow you to add PDF files into a PDF portfolio. There are many advantages in choosing to combine your files in a PDF portfolio:

  • You can add and delete files easily without resorting to their original destination.
  • You can choose to print the portfolio or a single added file.
  • You can edit individual files without making any changes to the rest of the files.
  • The changes you make to the added file are not automatically prescribed to the same in its original location.
  • You can search for words and navigate comments and attachments in more than one file at once.

Another method is to use the Add a PDF file feature. This can prove to be helpful for adding quick and simple supplementary PDF content like a map, product brochure, or event information to your main PDF document.

If you prefer online tools, or you don’t have enough memory on your computer to install a new program, you can try our free PDF converter online that also has a tool for merging PDF files.

To Insert a PDF file/pages into a PDF:

  • 1Click on the Open button in PDF Converter Elite and choose a PDF file.
  • 2Click on the Edit menu and the sidebar will open on the right.
  • 3Click on the Merge PDF Files button to insert a PDF file or specific number of PDF pages. Choose the PDF file you want to merge.
Merge PDF Files button
  • 4Choose the first and the last page you want to merge and the place where you want to insert a PDF. For instance, you can insert a PDF at the end of the document or anywhere in between. Once you are done click Merge.
Merge PDF Files dialog

To Add a PDF file into a PDF Portfolio:

  • 1Click on the Create button on the Acrobat 11 Pro toolbar menu. Select PDF Portfolio...
Acrobat Create PDF Portfolio
  • 2In the next dialog, choose a layout for your Portfolio or import a custom one.
Acrobat Portfolio Layout
  • 3Click on Add Files located in the lower right hand corner.
  • 4Browse for and select the PDF files to wish to add by clicking on Open.
  • Note that you will need to have the updated version of Flash installed to view your Portfolio. If you are given a notice, download and update the latest version compatible with Acrobat 11 Pro to continue.
PDF Portfolio Add Files
  • 5Acrobat will then allow you to edit the PDF portfolio in the side panel.
  • In the Layout tab, you can Add Content, select a Portfolio Layout, decide on a Visual Theme, use specific Colour Palettes for branding, and customize your portfolio’s Background appearance.
Acrobat Edit PDF Portfolio
  • 6Once all is set, click on the Preview button.
Preview Acrobat Portfolio
  • 7You can check your portfolio one last time. Then select how you want to share or save the file.
Share Acrobat Portfolio

To Add a PDF file as an Attachment:

  • 1With your main PDF file opened in Acrobat 11 Pro, go to View > Tools > Content Editing.
Acrobat Tools Content Editing
  • 2In the Content Editing section of the Tools Pane, select Attach a File.
Acrobat Attach File Feature
  • 3In the following dialog, browse for and select the PDF file you wish to attach. Click on Open..
  • Acrobat will then attach your PDF file and display it in the Attachments viewing pane. In the Attachments pane, you can open, add, delete or search the files attached to your PDF document.
Acrobat PDF Attachment

Merging PDF files online

If you are in need of tools that can help you add one PDF file to another, you can use our free PDF Merge online. It works on every device, so if you cannot use PDF Converter Elite because you have a Mac computer, you can use this simple tool free of charge.

PDF Merge online works on every computer, tablet or a mobile phone, on every browser. You can upload files stored on your device or import PDFs from Google Drive or Dropbox.

You can add two or more PDF files at once, simple press CTRL key on the keyboard and keep pressing it while you are selecting files with the left mouse click.

The merging process starts automatically and in a few moments you can download your new PDF file, that consists of all the files you added.