How to Convert DWG to PDF

As a digital document, the PDF format is the most versatile. It can store a wide variety of data, from simple text to complex 3D graphics. As such, Acrobat can support even the most complex AutoCAD files. A DWG, normally used to store three dimensional images and designs, are, in fact, the most commonly used format to store CAD (Computer Aided Design) images.

As you can surmise, DWG files are often converted to PDF in order to allow you to preserve and present complex models in a reliable format. Using the PDF format for AutoCAD designs provides a unique way for others to view and interact with complex models through special functions and customized views.

Luckily, with Acrobat 11 Pro you can convert DWG files to PDF file formats when you need them – even if you do not have an AutoCAD program installed.

Here is how you can easily convert your DWG file to PDF:

  • 1Open Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro.
  • 2Choose Create PDF from the File menu. Choose From File from the drop-down menu.
Acrobat Create PDF
  • 3Before typing in your file name or locating your file, make sure you choose file type Autodesk AutoCAD ( *.dwg,*dwf,*.dst) from the Files of type list to ensure your DWG file appears.
  • 4Browse for and locate your DWG file. Click on Open.
  • 5In the settings dialog that appears, you can apply CAD-specific options for your PDF. Once you’ve made your selections. Click on OK.
Acrobat CAD PDF Settings
  • 6Acrobat will then render your DWG content into PDF format.
  • 7Click on the Save icon or go into the File menu and select either the Save or Save As option.
  • 8In the Save As dialog, give your a file a name and select a location. Click on Save.
  • If you wish to convert a PDF back to DWG, you can try out our PDF Converter Elite here.
Converted DWG File