How to Convert Excel to PDF

To present complex or numeric information in a clear and more appealing format, try converting your Excel file to a PDF file. Used in all types of environments from schools to private businesses, many XLS files are commonly converted to PDF. Examples include: profit and loss statements, work assignments, budgets and application forms.

Having these files in PDF format, recipients benefit from a file that is easier to read, search and print. If you do not have an Excel to PDF converter software tool, there’s a way you can convert XLS to PDF free with the 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in installed.

To Convert XLS to PDF Free:

  • 1In MS Excel 2013, open the Excel file you wish to convert. Keep in mind that Excel files are unique. When converting to PDF, you might not get the layout you expected. To ensure that all data appears correctly, edit the Excel document first.
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
  • 2Click on the File tab. Click on Export. Make sure "Create PDF/XPS Document" is highlighted and click on the Create PDF/XPS button.
Export Create PDF document
  • 3In the Publish as PDF or XPS dialog, click on the Options... button. Set preferences for your conversion. Click on OK.
  • 4Select options for optimization — Standard (publishing online and printing) or Minimum size (publishing online).
Publish Excel to PDF
  • 5Name your file and specify a location to save it to. Then click on Publish.
  • 6Once saved, you can view your information in the PDF format using Adobe Reader.
Excel to PDF Results

Note that while using the Export feature in MS Excel can convert your spreadsheet instantly, the functionality can only offer basic conversion capabilities. For more advanced options or conversions for complex PDF tables, you should look into getting full feature Excel to PDF tools.

How to Convert Excel to PDF Online Free?

  • 1Go to’s Free PDF Creation Online tool.
  • 2Click on “Drop files to upload” and select the file from your computer, laptop or a mobile device. If you store files in the cloud, click instead on Google Drive or Dropbox to import files from the cloud.
  • 3When the conversion is done, click on “Download file”.