How to Convert Image PDF

You have probably experienced it before. After a long search, you finally find a PDF file with the content you are looking for, open it in Adobe Acrobat 9 11 Pro, and start to click your way through the conversion process, only to find that it cannot be converted. What went wrong?

Chances are the file is scanned. Depending on the type of PDF you have, either a native or a scanned PDF, the conversion process will differ.

Scanned material does not have the underlying data structure commonly found in electronically generated content, such as a document created in MS Word 2007. Converting a scanned PDF, also known as an Image PDF, thus, requires one extra step when converting.

To get your image PDF file converted, you need to run the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine on the file which will transform your scanned document into an electronic character-based file which can then be converted as usual.

To convert a Scanned Image PDF file to an editable file format:

  • 1Open PDF Converter Elite and click on the Convert menu and then on OCR options.
  • 2From the drop-down menu choose Convert Using OCR option.
  • 3Then choose the type of conversion and convert a scanned PDF into an editable document.
Convert Using OCR Menu Option

To Transform a Scanned Image PDF file to an Electronic Character-based file:

  • 1Open the scanned PDF you wish to convert in Acrobat 11 Pro.
  • 2Go to the View menu and select Tools > Text Recognition.
Acrobat Text Recognition Option
  • 3In the Tools Pane that opens, select In This File.
File Text Recognition Option
  • 4Choose your page range settings in the Recognize Text dialog box.
  • 5Click on Edit... for more advanced options before you start the OCR process. You will be able to adjust the Primary OCR Language, the PDF Output Style and Downsample settings of your PDF.
Acrobat Recognize Text Dialogs
  • 6Click OK in both dialog boxes once your settings are adjusted. The OCR process will then begin.
  • 7Once the OCR engine is done going over the file, you can then convert it to a Word document.
  • The simplest way is to go into the File menu and select Save As Other... > Microsoft Word > Word Document.
  • 8Complete the conversion by saving your file.