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How to Convert PDF to Flash

Thanks to the rich multimedia features offered in Adobe’s Acrobat products, it is common to find Flash content in PDF files. No doubt you have seen Flash elements in PDFs before. They can appear as videos when played, as interactive elements, or as animations.

Unsurprisingly, PDF files containing Flash have an edge over regular PDFs. Whether it is for marketing or personal purposes, you can use Flash for creating highly visual and interactive content.

Animated PDF catalogues, tech support walk-throughs live product demos – the possibilities are endless. However, you may be considering converting your PDF content into Flash for web viewing or repurposing into other formats. Unfortunately, Adobe Acrobat cannot yet fully extract Flash embedded within PDFs. If you are looking for a way to convert PDF to Flash, try out a few of these free tools instead.

SWF Tools

Here is a suite of SWF tools that can let you create a .SWF file from your PDF content. SWF Tools comes with PDF2SWF, a tool which can generate one frame per PDF page. Not only that, but you also get a number of tools which can help you manipulate the outputted SWF content by letting you extract clips, sounds, or images from SWF files, among other things.


Scribd is a great online tool for presenting your PDF documents in Flash. Users can print, download, share, and even view your documents in full screen mode directly from the Scribd viewer. To boot, Scribd.com is also a social network where you can follow other users and find interesting content.


For those working with professional publications and marketing, Issuu.com is perfect for creating eye-catching magazines and brochures from your own PDF files. With a free account, you get limitless uploads and hosting for your publications. Try it on your PDFs.


At aXmag.com you can not only turn a brochure like PDF to Flash, but their free online service will also host the online publication on your behalf as well. With the free online service you can upload up to 10 MB without any page number restrictions, though your converted file will have watermarks.